1933 Ford SpeedstarSOLD

National Award Winning Rats Glass Speedstar EFI 502 V8 TH350 Winters Leather

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502 cubic inch GM Performance Parts V8 Winters QuickChange rear axle Billet Specialties Stiletto wheels Winner of multiple national awards Momar fuel injection Custom suspension Ratís Glass body / Flames by Joe Richardson GM Turbo-Hydramatic 350 3-speed automatic transmission Wilwood disc brakes Custom leather interior SUMMARY Fresh restoration 502 cubic inch GM Performance Parts V8 / Momar fuel injection GM Turbo-Hydramatic 350 3-speed automatic transmission Custom leather interior Billet Specialties Stiletto wheels Winters QuickChange rear axle Winner of multiple national awards Ratís Glass body / Flames by Joe Richardson Wilwood disc brakes Custom suspension If youíre like most gearheads you remember the days when modifying your hot rod meant removing extra parts, cutting a little metal and hammering out a few new curves. But as time progresses technology progresses, and what once existed as merely a backyard hobby has now grown into a hyper-competitive, multi-million dollar industry. Today, unless you have a decade and deep pockets to spare, it takes a serious plan and highly skilled craftsmen to even think about competing with the hobbyís best. And when it comes to planning and craftsmanship, it doesnít get much better than this incredible Speedstar coupe. Built to be driven and shown, this slick little street rod is a world-class custom thatíll fulfill your needs faster, and cheaper, than any car youíve spent years idealizing. And whatís better: with names like GM, Heidts, Billet Specialties and Ratís Glass on its specs sheet, this national award winner will outperform and outlast just about anything on the road! BODYWORK/TRIM With most street rods, thereís usually a single piece that catches your eye long before anything else. And thatís often a demerit to the overall presentation of the car. In an effort to set their creation apart builders sometimes add overwrought elements that become more of a distraction than a selling point, especially as the project ages. Not so with this roadsterÖ EVERY piece of its puzzle fits right and tight, on the way to upholding a great vision of what hot rodding is supposed to be. Step back and admire the shape of the carís Ratís Glass body. Itís the kind of profile that would turn heads in primer. So, what better way to ensure sore neck muscles than adding a polished Jim Rench grille, slick silver paint and wicked Joe Richardson flames? If youíre a hardcore gearhead that likes to rise above the crowd, this awesome Ford is one classic thatís guaranteed to pop eyes and drop jaws anywhere you choose to go. ENGINE Speaking of eye-popping, if youíre having any doubts about this coupeís ability to back up its loud persona, Iíd encourage you to hoist its hood. Pull the latch, fling the fiberglass and youíll find 502 cubic inches of GM Performance Parts V8 thatís capped by high quality Momar fuel injection. At the sides of that big mill, polished GM Performance Parts heads hang flamed and pinstriped valve covers over ceramic-coated shorty headers. In front of those heads, a painted Steve Long radiator hangs a polished cap over a large electric puller fan. Between those ancillaries, pliable V-belts spin a polished Meziere water pump behind billet pulleys. And behind that pump, proven MSD plug wires sequentially fire the carís cylinders. Aesthetically, this Fordís smooth engine bay appears to be holding up exceptionally well. And detail items, like a Lokar throttle linkage, polished breathers and a KPA fuel pressure gauge, add a heavy dose of form and function. DRIVETRAIN/SUSPENSION Naturally, this coupeís Ratís Glass body rides on a custom frame thatís been assembled to exacting standards. The beefy 502 sends power through a tough Turbo-Hydramatic 3-speed to a polished driveshaft and familiar Winters QuickChange rear end. That stout powertrain pushes a fully independent suspension, which features a Heidts front-half, manual rack-and-pinion steering and adjustable Aldan coil-overs. Quick stops are a cinch thanks to polished Wilwood calipers and four drilled and slotted rotors. At the center of the floor, ceramic-coated exhaust breathes through throaty Magnaflow mufflers. And at the corners of the chassis, polished Billet Specialties Stilettos turn 245/40ZR17 BF Goodrich g-Force T/As in front of 295/45R20 BF Goodrich g-Force T/As. INTERIOR Inside this awesome street rod youíll find a stunning Luggage Brown on Graphite interior that was installed by Street Seats Interiors of New Port Richey, Florida. Custom-molded bucket seats are as comfortable on the back as they are on the eye. At the sides of those seats, the carís suicide doors wrap thin armrests in layered panels that feature simplistic trim. Below those seats, clean carpet anchors color-keyed floor mats beneath polished foot pedals. Between those seats, a custom-fabricated console arches forward to frame a booted Lokar shifter. In front of those seats, a body-matched dash centers Classic Instruments All-American gauges beneath a sculpted suede headliner. And in front of the driver, a polished and half-wrapped steering wheel laps a tilting column thatís completely painted and flamed. AWARDS According to this Speedstarís previous owner, the car was bestowed the following accolades: A Top 25 award at the Shades of the Past Rod Run A Goodguys Coolest Rod Pick An NSRA award for Best Streetrod An NSRA award for Best Overall An NSRA award for Outstanding Use of Color Fully sorted and ready to turn your dreams into reality, this awesome custom carries the kind of cool swagger every car builder dreams about. From its subtle body to its comfortable cockpit, there simply arenít many nicer rods out there. If youíre looking for a striking show queen thatís an absolute blast to own, come claim this impressive Ford!

Reference Number 389685

as of 10/13/2016

Car 1933 Ford Speedstar
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
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See all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this Car
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