Porsche 935 engine 935 twin turboSOLD
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as of 2/3/2019

Car Porsche 935 engine 935 twin turbo
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Known History

3.0 liter twin turbo 935 engine,



This engine was originally with a 934 that I bought, chassis # 9306700162, it came to me as a spare with the car, it was taken apart and rebuilt up with the information below.


It was updated to Kugel fisher injection pump and the later alum horseshoe from one of the Kreepy Crawley engines from Andial.

New OEM 95 mm mahale pistons- with Mahale cylinders reconditioned by Millennium-re nicksil process.

New Nirocist rings

Correct 935 standard race crank micro polished with all new bearings throughout the engine.

New Pauter con rods with high performance rod bolts and of course bearings.

New lightened wrist pins.

New GT3 R race oil pump

New race intermediate shaft.

Reconditioned factory forged solid rockers and lash caps

Re-nitrated rocker arm shafts with new seals.

New chains and components in valve train.

New Intake and exhaust valves with new guides in completely rebuilt factory 935 heads .

Rebuilt K27 turbos with new exhaust tips

Rebuilt waste gates with new seats with new waste gate springs and boots. As well as waste gate pipes.

Special Andial horseshoe with completely rebuilt throttle bodies with new Bosch injectors for Kugel fisher injection Pump. New fuel lines as well as complete rebuilt Kugel Fischer Pump with new sprockets and belt.

New spark plug harness and plug connectors as well as new Bosch cap and rotor.

New center oiler cam lines.

Large case through bolts.

Dynoed at Van Dyne Engineering in April 2015 making 650 Hp at 1.3 bar of boost


185 K U.S.D. For more information see my web site jimtorresracing.com or 818 843 8725