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1926 Amilcar Type G Convertible

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The most famous model of all was the CGS “Grand Sport” of 1924; this featured a 1074 cc sv engine and four-wheel brakes. This in turn evolved into the more sporty CGSS “Grand Sport Surbaissé”. These models were built under license in Germany (as the Pluto) and in Austria (as the Grofri) and in Italy (as Amilcar Italiana). The marque entered automobile racing in the mid-1920s with a batch of supercharged dohc 1100 cc six-cylinder cars that used a roller bearing crankshaft in the full racing version; these vehicles were also available with plain bearings, driven by famous race driver André Morel.
The Type G was first proposed by the House of Saint-Denis to replace the unfortunate Type L: the frame was identical, even in technical solutions. They then had a 4-speed gearbox and semi-elliptic leaf springs and shock absorbers on the two axes. Even the engine was the same 4-cylinder 1244 cm³ capable of delivering 27 hp of maximum power. Also identical performance: the top speed was between 100 and 110 km/h, depending on the type of body, which was offered in three variants, namely sedan, coupe and convertible, exactly as in the Type L. The difference was in the style of the car body, more squared and conventional. Evidently it was believed that the Type L did not work out the idea of the car body with rounded lines. This Amilcar type G is a cabriolet and comes to the sale with Italian documents and its original old French papers. This car has also its ASI certification and its operation and maintenance manual.  The interior is still in its original state including the dashboard and hood. The coating of the bodywork is divided into two parts, from the rear to the windshield in a material called Weymann, the same used for the carriages. The front part made of alluminium has been restored. The car offers a great opportunity to buy a piece of history from the 20s.View 1926 Amilcar Type G Convertible For Sale at Grandes Marques for further details.

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Car 1926 Amilcar Type G Convertible
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