1971 Mini Cooper S Mk 3SOLD

Mini Cooper S Mk 3

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Mk3 Cooper S

Although the Mk III Mini had been introduced in the autumn of 1969, Mk III S production did not commence until March 1970 and the first cars were not dispatched until the beginning of May.

One thing that did carry on with the Mk III S was hydrolastic suspension. Standard fitment were ‘silver’ units which were, in effect, competition units. These are considerably stiffer than the standard ‘green’ units found on more mundane models and much reduce the seesaw effect felt under acceleration and braking. It is said that the Mk III S has the best ride and handling of any production Mini.
When the Mk III S did finally appear it was a virtually indistinguishable from a Mini 1000, the only external clues being the twin petrol tanks, wheels and boot badge - all easily missed by the untrained eye. Gone were the different grille, two tone paint and different badging. Internally the main clue was the 130mph speedometer. One thing that was unchanged was the level of performance, despite the lack of an EN40B crankshaft which was dropped on cost grounds, power output was still quoted at 76bhp. This made it an ideal Q car and Liverpool police confirmed their faith in the S by taking delivery of 27 Glacier White cars in early 1971.

Because of the short production run changes were relatively minor, the main one being the fitment of a locking steering column at the end of 1970 and some colour changes. When production ceased at the end of June 1971 only some 1572 Mk III Ss had rolled off the production line which makes it a limited edition by modern standards. That it sold as many cars as it did was a testament to the Cooper name as BL never advertised the car and even the sales brochure was only a retouched version of the Mk II S brochure.

Today we are pleased to offer the 3rd from last Mini Cooper built, registered in October 1971, this to be know as the last car of the Mini Cooper

History to be registered finished in Blaze with a sunroof it is completely Factory Standard except foe fitment of Minite wheels, the original steels are supplied with the car.

1st Owner. Pegasus Cars, Peppard Common, Henley on Thames (copy of logbook) sold by son of garage owner ....May 1972 to

2nd Owner. Mr. Baillie , Farnborough, Hants. letter in the file stating ownership and restoration in 1988/89 mileage of 54,576 8th November 1990

3rd Owner. Geoffrey Oakley, Park Farm, Dunsfold bought 10-01-1992 added to his Mini Collection

4th Owner. Mr Charles Steward who bought the car from Wood & Picket, Leatherhead, Surrey 24-04-08

Rare opportunity to buy such a car ...today mileage and ownership being straight line ...

Reference Number 39454

as of 2/25/2009

Car 1971 Mini Cooper S Mk 3
Exterior / Interior Color      Red 
Mileage 57,100 miles 
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