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1978 Chevrolet Impala

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This 1978 Chevrolet Impala Aerocoupe is a sleeper done right! Starting with an ultra-clean 2-door post coupe and adding plenty of horsepower is a great way to deliver luxury and performance all in one package. And the fact that it looks so subtle, so unassuming, well, that's the best way to prowl the streets. This is one heck of a car! The burgundy paint was freshened in the 1980s and has a very authentic look overall. The sheetmetal underneath is remarkably clean and if you were around in the 1980s, then you remember when these cars were everywhere. Not many survived and even fewer are this nice, with excellent gaps, a hood that fits tightly, and a trunk lid that doesn't need a huge slam to close, all signs of a car that hasn't been neglected or abused. There's just the right amount of gloss in the paint so it can almost pass for original, and the color us subtle enough to not attract too much attention when you're cruising. They were smart and kept it completely stock, so no graphics or other modifications; heck, there's not even a pinstripe! The 2-door post coupe with a steel roof is probably the right car for this kind of transformation, and it's a base model, because there's no hood ornament, no side trim, not even any rocker trim, making it look clean but not too flashy. Yeah, this is how you build a sleeper! The interior is completely original and shockingly clean. Yes, they kept the bench seat, which is all part of the sleeper code of conduct. Familiar red mouse fur upholstery was a GM staple back when this car was built, and the term "full sized comfort" was coined for vehicles just like this. The door panels are sharp, the dash isn't cracked, and even the headliner remains taut and firmly affixed to the roof (they were notorious for drooping). With more than a passing glance, you'll notice the tach on the steering column, and maybe the auxiliary gauges underneath, but for most folks on the street, this car won't raise any eyebrows. The factory gauges are bright and crisp and this is indeed a base model, with manual windows, and an upgraded Pioneer head unit, and a column shifter. However, it does have a tilt column, which is kind of a neat find in a car like this. The trunk is neatly finished with a full-sized spare with matching redline radial plus the relocated battery. Under the giant hood you'll find a ZZ383 crate motor, with 383 cubic inches and 425 horsepower on tap. It fits like it was born there, although everyone will know when they see it that this is no stocker. It's got a high-rise intake, a big Holley carburetor, and just about everything you see is brand new. Long-tube headers feed a custom dual exhaust system that's quiet enough to maintain the illusion but barks just the way you'd want it to on the roll. Better yet, it's been painted black to help it disappear. It's backed by a built TH350 3-speed automatic feeding 4.10 gears with Moser 30-spline axles, so there's no denying what this car's mission might be. The entire suspension has been upgraded with fat sway bars and a lot of new parts, and an upgraded Wilwood brake master cylinder handles the stopping. Painted steel wheels with dog dish hubcaps and BFGoodrich redline radials finish the sleeper look perfectly. This is an insanely cool car. It's cool because it's so nicely preserved and it's cool because it's a predator. Complete with a reproduction window sticker and restoration receipts, it definitely won't last very long. Call now!

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Car 1978 Chevrolet Impala
VIN 1L47U8J326736 
Mileage 25,880 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Automatic