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Generally rated as being the most outstanding of the many British sportscars of the immediate postwar era were the trio of XK Jaguars from the William Lyons stable, each one a milestone motor car. The XK140 replacing 150 was equally well received as the two previous XK models when it started coming off the Coventry production line in 1957. Although instantly recognisable as a direct descendant of the XK120, the 150 appeared to be very much wider and roomier than previous XK models and was certainly far more refined to drive and comfortable on the road.

The most significant changes to the factory specification on a 150 were the brakes with Jaguar Le Mans developed Dunlop discs fitted all round and the previously special order SE version of the 3442cc six, producing 210bhp, becoming the standard-fit power unit. Available in roadster, drophead or fixed head coupe form, a total of just 9395 150s were produced between 1957 and the spring of 1961, when the far more volume-made E Type replacement hit the freeways of the world.

This XK150S is an original UK supplied motor car. Originally delivered in July 1959 through Jaguar main Agents Henley’s Limited,with its first owner Mr.Nicholas Daniel London W1.Accopying this vehicle is an original Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Production record confirming this vehicle to be an original supplied S with overdrive and ordered with special Ferrari red exterior paint colour and black interior.

Today this very original car which still retains its original leather interior is although not to be described as concours in very sound condition and for the person would rather have an unmolested original example rather than perhaps the over restored alternative, this would make a wonderful one to use and enjoy in its current condition. After many years use by its owners in Italy it now has returned to th erUK and although currently Italian registered it is anticipated this rare car can be re-registered in the UK under it’s original UK registration number 62 HJH.

Reference Number 39598

as of 2/27/2009

Car 1958 Jaguar XK150 'S' Fixhead Coupe
VIN T824980DM 
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