1955 Chevrolet Silver Bomb Special 

Unique Piece of American Sports Car History

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as of 10/9/2018

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Car 1955 Chevrolet Silver Bomb Special
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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Known History


A combination of American Hot Rod attributes (muscle!) and European sports car flair distinguishes the legendary “American Special” sports racing cars of the fifties California car culture. The Silver Bomb represents one of the first American Special creations with proven success of the formula in Sports car racing of the time continuing to vintage and period races now.


Dean Batchelor, credited as the creator of modern automotive journalism was a racer, Harrah museum curator and author. Considered the “Father of the American Special” – awards in the hot Rod class at Pebble Beach honor his legacy – Batchelor bridged the gap between American Hot Rodders and European sports car enthusiasts.


In 1955 Batchelor began construction on his first and only sports car Special with Lockheed tech inspector and constructor Captain Jim Frostrom. It was completed and registered for road use in 1956.


Construction began with ’34 Ford frame in anticipation of an XK120 body. During construction Batchelor took on a Microplas Mistral fiberglass body built by Sports Car Engineering of Great Britain. Another Mistral body was used by Frank Arciero on his Aciero Special, a car raced by Dan Gurney. Aluminum fabircator Neil Emory created the center cockpit section, firewall, cowl, etc. out of tubing and aluminum at his Valley Custom Shop. With the elaborate aluminum fabrication, the fiberglass front and rear were painted silver to match, hence the name Silver Bomb.


Power was originally supplied by a 283 Chevy engine (on three deuces) similar to the period Corvette with a three speed that was later changed to a Muncie four speed. When the new XK140/150 front end became available; it was installed on the Ford frame to upgrade handling. It also sports AFCO coil-overs with double adjustable shocks and 4-link Heim jointed trailing arms for the rear end.


Featured in “Vintage American Road Racing Cars 1950-1970” by Harold W. Pace and Marl Brinker The Silver Bomb had success in club racing and rallies with the Lockheed Sports Car Club in the fifties; it was also drag raced and entered in SCCA competitions in the early sixties. Frostrom then sold the vehicle.


The car was fully restored in 2008 and prepared to VSCCA club rules. Comes complete with old photos, signed letters from Frostrom to the current owner, assortment of all original vintage parts, original hand-made seats and the rarity of VSCCA logbook.


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