2005 Ferrari 575 Superamerica FIASOLD
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Estimate: £70000 - £85000

Sold: £95943

The Superamerica was introduced at the Detroit Auto Show in 2005. Designed by Pininfarina, this is a car combining the performance of Ferrari’s twelve-cylinder Berlinetta with a highly original interpretation of the convertible concept. This is the first production car to use an innovative mechanism for rotating roof movement combined with electrochromic technology developed exclusively with Saint Gobain.

The unique concept of the roof (patented by Fioravanti) allows the driver to drop the top on the car electrically in just 10 seconds, making the Superamerica the fastest convertible berlinetta in the world (top speed 200mph). Based on the 575M Maranello and available in the dual version with an F1 and manual gearbox, the Superamerica boasts further development of the twelve-cylinder engine which has been boosted to 540bhp. It can also be equipped with Ferrari’s latest high-tech features represented by the GTC Handling package, including carbon-ceramic brakes. They are fitted with Bridgestone Potenza RE050 tyres and this extraordinary roof, which has been named "Revocromico” to emphasize the combination of a single rotation axis with electrochromic technology, features a carbon-fibre structure. This makes it very light and moreover, the boot can be used to full capacity even when the top is down.

When the roof is open, the unique design of the rear window automatically acts as a wind deflector. The use of electrochromic glass for the roof allows the driver to choose the tint level at any time, using a five-position selector that makes it possible to go from dark to light in less than a minute. The Ferrari Superamerica is a limited-edition model with just 559 units available.

It is no surprise that this car was initially offered to pre-existing customers. People who appreciate superlative design and cutting edge technology. Not to mention the performance that comes as standard with all cars from Maranello. Mr Rod Stewart CBE fits neatly into these categories not to mention others entitled Rock Legend, Top 10 Best Selling Artist of all time, the list is seemingly endless; suffice to say that the 1980 Illustrated History of Rock & Roll has an entry which includes the following; "Rarely has a singer had as full and unique a talent as Rod Stewart. A writer who offered profound lyricism and fabulous self-deprecating humour, teller of tall tales and honest heartbreaker, he had an unmatched eye for the tiny details around which lives turn, shatter, and reform. He also had a voice to make those details indelible. His solo albums were defined by two special qualities: warmth, which was redemptive, and modesty, which was liberating. If ever any rocker chose the role of everyman and lived up to it, it was Rod Stewart.”

With the ability to fill massive stadiums effortlessly, he has had the ability to pursue one or two of his self-confessed hobbies. With a promising early career at Brentford FC, his professional commitments began to interfere relegating his interests to watching his team of choice, Celtic FC and enjoying the sorts of sportscars that mere mortals can only dream of. His desires temporarily sated and a full garage as proof, Ferrari once again set the cat amongst the pigeons and released the 2009 California. Whilst you and I might clear out a rusting lawnmower and some loft insulation that we thought we might one day use, Rod Stewart tends to be slightly more ruthless with his garage sale and so has decided to offer two of his extremely special cars.

Purchased new from Maranello’s in Egham, Surrey, this classically finished long distance tourer sports a Rossa Corsa exterior with Crema interior and optional red stitching for the seats racing seats. Other optional extras include red brake callipers, a Ferrari battery trickle charger and yellow instruments. Originally costing over £150,000, this immaculate example is competitively priced particularly when you consider it has travelled just 2,788 miles. One of the most significant, and usable, pieces of rock n’ roll memorabilia ever to hit the open market.

Reference Number 39605

as of 2/27/2009

Car 2005 Ferrari 575 Superamerica FIA
VIN ZFFGT610000144840 
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