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Only fools and Horses’ made a star of a humble three wheeler, which ever since the show began has understandably come to be known not by its given name of ‘Regal’, but as a Trotter van.

Perhaps the very first sign viewers had of the character of Del Boys ‘empire’ came during the opening credits of the first show, when the scruffy little yellow three wheeled van is seen outside Nelson Mandela Court, bearing the sign written legend - Trotters Independent Trading Co. - New York, Paris, Peckham. Without doubt a similarly dishevelled Transit would in fact have been a more likely vehicle of choice for the intrepid market traders, but the casting of the Reliant Regal van is perfect for wide boy Del and his Plonker younger Brother. It is not hard to imagine Rodney’s exclamation of "But Del, it’s only got three wheels!”, only to have Delboy declare in response "Exactly Rodders!

Think of the money we’ll save on tyres” in the same way as he extols the questionable virtues of his stock, which includes video recorders which don’t record and ‘Peckham Spring Water’ from the tap in their kitchen!

Throughout the early series the BBC made do with only one vehicle, and at one point it looked that as though no more episodes would be commissioned, preferring rather to ‘quit while they were ahead’. A decision was then made that the van could be sold, and it was ‘Cars of the Stars’ and it became a star exhibit in his World famous collection drawing in many thousands of fans from around the World.

Eventually, there were three cars used for the filming of Only Fools and Horses, this example originally sourced from Action Vehicles, the company retained by the BBC to supply them with specific cars for film and television. After the series was shot, it was returned to the propstore and subsequently painted blue and used in the Mr Bean series to where it constantly haunted Mr Bean and even landed on its side in one of the episodes. Blue paint can still be seen underneath the chipped ‘Peckham Yellow’. It was then return once again to the propstore and purchased by the vendor in 1992. The vendor returned the car to its more easily recognised livery as you see it today. It was used, up until recently, for various promotional works with huge success. The BBC then contacted the vendor in 1996 to see if the van was available to film the trailer for the Christmas special. He was happy to oblige. The van, unusually complete with a full MoT test certificate, although written out by Delboy himself, so not to be taken too literally, a V5C and an inflatable doll called Antonia.

From the original production there were three of these iconic vehicles painted up in the Fools and Horses livery for the TV series and Christmas Special. Coys are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to sell one of these vehicles again, this would be known as car No. 3, Coys successfully sold Car No. 1 which was owned by Cars of the Stars last year to which Delboy himself rubbed his hands together and used his favourite expression, ‘lovely jubbly’. Car No. 2, also owned by Cars of the Stars now resides at Keswick Motor Museum on display for the public to enjoy, leaving this car No. 3, the last and final from the production team, to be sold.

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as of 2/27/2009

Car 1972 Reliant Regal
VIN 725428 
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