1990 CitroŽn XM SE1SOLD

Citroenís flagship car was the property of Dusty Springfield

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Mary Isabel Catherine Bernadette OíBrien, OBE otherwise known as Dusty Springfield, was one of the leading British pop singers and entertainer of the 1960s; she also made one of the biggest impressions on the US market owing to her distinctive sensual sound. She was one the most notable white soul artists in the world, born to an Irish Catholic music loving family in April 1939, Dusty Springfield learned to sing at home. She began her solo career in 1963 with the upbeat pop song "I Only Want To Be With YouĒ. Her following chart hits included "I Just Donít Know What to Do with MyselfĒ, "Wishiní and HopiníĒ, and "You Donít Have to Say You Love MeĒ. A fan of American pop music, she campaigned to bring little-known soul singers to a wider UK audience by devising and hosting the first British performances of the top-selling Motown Records artists in 1965. Her song "The Look of LoveĒ, written for Dusty Springfield by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, was featured in the film Casino Royale and nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song in 1967. The sudden changes of pop music in the mid-1960s left girl singers out of fashion. To boost her credibility as a soul artist, she went to Memphis, Tennessee to record an album of pop and soul music with the Atlantic Recordsí main production team. The LP ĎDusty in Memphisí received the Grammy Hall of Fame award and was listed among the one hundred greatest albums of all time in international readerís and viewerís polls. The standout track "Son of a Preacher ManĒ was an international Top 10 hit in 1969. Springfieldís low period after the album ended in 1987, when collaborations with the Pet Shop Boys returned her to the Top 20 of the UK and US charts with the singles "What Have I Done to Deserve This?Ē, "Nothing Has Been ProvedĒ, and "In PrivateĒ. In 1995, Dusty Springfield was diagnosed with breast cancer; she scored 18 singles in the Billboard Hot 100 in 1964-1970 and voted the Top British Female Artist in the New Musical Express readerís poll in 1964, 1965 and 1968. Interest in her early output was revived in 1994 by the inclusion of "Son of a Preacher ManĒ to the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. She is an inductee of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the UK Music Hall of Fame. She is regularly named among the top 25 female rock artists of all time in international readerís and artistís polls. A legend.

This top of the range model of Citroenís flagship car was the property of Dusty Springfield right up until her death in March 1999. It then passed to her dear friend Simon Bell, originally her backing vocalist and ultimately her carer towards the end. It was bought from Mr Bell in July 2003 by the vendor and is offerd complete with the Dusty Springfield private number plate.

A percentage of the profits will be donated to The Royal Marsden Hospital.

Reference Number 39662

as of 2/28/2009

Car 1990 CitroŽn XM SE1
VIN VT7Y3AC0003ACO695 
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