1968 Volkswagen Clipper MicrobusSOLD
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Estimate: £12000 - £18000

Sold: £18760

Early bay door buses have become hot property these days, especially Deluxe models as good as this Bus featured here. When you hear the term ‘Early Bay’ it essentially refers to any Bay Window Bus built prior to August of 1971. Bays of this vintage came with much more rounded features such as curvaceous bumpers and low-level, radiused indicators on the front panel and oval-shaped rear light clusters on the tail end. The fresh air intake on the front panel is unique to the early Bay too, for it has rounded corners that blend with the slightly plump look of the second generation of the Volkswagen Transporter.

Adding to the list of early cool is the large VW front badge akin to that of the Split Screen model. Also lending charm are body panels such as the front and rear wheel arches and half-moon shaped engine air intakes. This vintage form, when compared to its more angular, younger brethren has won favour with the die-hard Volkswagen enthusiasts across the globe. Not only is this a great bed on wheels but as far as classic, practical motoring goes, it tick all the boxes. Proof can be easily sourced from ‘Vanfest’, the biggest Type 2 show in the world. It had almost 8,000 VW vans of all years attending in 2008. With literally thousands of Vans being imported annually from all four corners of the globe we seem spoilt for choice, but where do you get rust-free right-hand-drive models? Well, you don’t have too many options really: Australia and South Africa spring to mind. It is the latter that has for some time been on the Bus hunter’s radar for good examples of solid Volkswagens. Many though have been subject to severe abuse on harsh, unmade roads and semi-jungle environment. It takes a great deal of knowledge and the right connections to find a good Bus in South Africa and this is where Scott Wilson, the owner of this Bus, scores highly as he has spent quite some time living the dream in exactly this environment. Scott and his wife have a quite extended family network across South Africa and since his passion is Volkswagens, he naturally keeps a keen eye out for prime vehicles. He has built up quite a reputation as a finder and importer of older Volkswagens into this country and has owned many. Crawl beneath this Van and you will be rewarded with paint and detail as good as that on the topside. Every mechanical component is as good as the day it left the factory. On one of his buying missions to South Africa that he stumbled across this 1968 Deluxe model after a tip-off from a family member. It was in a local showroom just as pristine as the day it was purchased back in 1968.

It was originally not for sale but after some stiff negotiation a deal was struck. It was delivered to the original buyer, Mrs W.J. Esterhuyse from Laingsburg with a number plate CBM446 making this a Cape Town Bus with the colour information coming from the original dealer’s warranty card from Kulu Garage in Claremont. It has extensive service records beginning the day after its delivery on August 8th, 1968 with zero miles on the clock. South Africans commonly write a record of their mileage, fuel fills and service intervals. It is a spreadsheet giving date, mileage, gallons, costs, pints, lube costs, wash costs and finally maintenance repair costs. It is no different for this example with details present from day one. Internally, the Deluxe Bus has a higher level of trim on door cards and seats with a clock standard on all deluxe Buses. Since its arrival in the UK, it has been presented at the Caldicot show and then on to Bristol to Volksfest where it walked away with a number of trophies. Complete with a current MoT, it is so good that it adorns the front cover of ‘Camper and Bus’, THE magazine from the stable of VW titles from world renowned specialists, VolksWorld Magazine. Quite simply, superb.

Reference Number 39663

as of 2/28/2009

Car 1968 Volkswagen Clipper Microbus
VIN 248136680 
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