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The origin of what became the Puma was the DKW Malzoni, built by Rino Malzoni of Matão in São Paulo (state) from around 1964. Malzoni was a keen auto racer and with the help of Jorge Lettry, who headed the Vemag racing department he developed a competition car based around a DKW straight-three two-stroke engine. Developed to compete with the Willys Interlagos, a locally built copy of the Alpine A108 which was outpacing DKW's heavier sedans, Malzoni developed a steel-bodied prototype. This proved too heavy, and at the São Paulo Motor Show in the fall of 1964 the light, fiberglass-skinned GT made its first appearance. It won its first race, at Interlagos in 1964. Malzoni, an Italian immigrant who became successful as a lawyer and a sugar cane and cattle farmer, recognized that the car had commercial possibilities. In order to produce more cars and bring them to market, Rino joined with three other auto enthusiasts (Luís Roberto da Costa, Milton Masteguin, and Mario César Camargo Filho) and founded the company "Sociedade de Automóveis Luminari" in 1964.

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Car 1967 DKW Puma GT
Exterior / Interior Color      Beige /      Black 
Condition Very Good 
Mileage 62.500 km 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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Known History

Production of the Malzoni GT (1964-1966, all types) was about 35 cars. Annual production increased to 125 for 1967 and continued briefly into 1968. All-in-all, about 170 of the DKW three cylinder two stroke engined cars (Pumas and Malzonis) were built. The success of the early DKW powered models paved the way for the VW based Pumas.


This DKW Puma GT is from 1967. The previous owner from Brazil was able to manage a 'placa preta' which means a black licence plate. Only oldtimers with more than 85% of originality will receive this special licence plate, which makes it very interesting as a collectors item because of it's historic value. The car has a Dutch tittle, easy for registration in every EU country. We can help with transport.


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