1928 Sunbeam 16hp SOLD
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Just after the First World War Sunbeam made some of Britain's finest cars. Competition models ran at Indianapolis, in grand prix and in sports car races in 1922, a Sunbeam won the Tourist Trophy and was second in the Coppa Florio. Sunbeams broke the World Land Speed Record seven times in the period 1922-27. The company also built aero engines and, in 1919, an airship powered by Sunbeam units made a round trip to the United States in 183 hours. Few companies in the world had such a pedigree of engineering excellence. All Sunbeams from this period are special cars and the 16 and 24hp Standard Tourer was particularly noted for its elegance and technical refinement. This is hardly surprising since it was designed under the supervision of Louis Coatalen, one of the legendary engineers of motoring history. The six cylinder engine was cast in two banks of three cylinders which worked on a seven-bearing crankshaft and contemporary road tests commented on the engine's exceptional smoothness. At the time there were so many manufacturers bringing so many new models to the market that magazines rarely examined cars in detail. A new car from Sunbeam, however, was always an event. The Sunbeam emerged with flying colours despite the test being carried out in wet conditions when roads in the Cotswolds, which were often without a binding surface, were notorious for their treachery.

A wet surface was what also greeted this author during the visit to Somerset to see the example described here. The chassis was originally built in 1927 and delivered by Bradburn and Wedge Ltd of Wolverhampton. The body was subsequently mated to it in 1928 and constructed by Chas Clark of Wolverhampton. It should be noted that UK 4814 still carries the original bodywork, the quality of which is remarkable. The first owner was Alan Hartwell of Poole in Dorset; he ran a garage there but folded the company in 1993. It was bought by Philip Neat, after a number of prior owners, for an undisclosed sum and then by the current owner in 2004. Mr Neat thoroughly enjoyed this Sunbeam using it, as he did, on numerous trips to the continent and back. The vendor has also carried on this tradition having recently been to Brooklands and back without a hitch. The condition of the coachwork is extremely good with the interior trim sporting an excellent patina whilst remaining in fine condition. The mechanical elements, as you would expect, are of a similar condition with the driving experience extremely rewarding. Included in the sale is the buff log book and subsequent green log book. A valuation certificate and current V5C as well as mot's, bills and original Sunbeam handbook. An extremely original and usable pre-war motorcar.

Reference Number 4111

as of 9/24/2006

Car 1928 Sunbeam 16hp
VIN 5163H 
Exterior / Interior Color      Dark Green /      Dark Green 
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
Options Interior: Leather interior