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1970 GMC C1500

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You see a lot of Chevy pickups of this vintage running around, but not many GMCs, and while they share a family resemblance, this handsome 1970 GMC 1500 stands out at family reunions. Thanks to a smart-running small block V8, a lowered suspension, and a great color combination, it's the gentleman's alternative to the bowtie. The dark blue paint is subtle, but with the big wheels and lowered stance, this truck is definitely going to get noticed. These trucks are quite popular today, and it's easy to see why, and if you're not a Chevy guy but like the way it looks, then perhaps this GMC is a good fit. The bodywork is quite good, with super straight bed sides and good gaps all around. Paint is quite good, with professional work showing everywhere you look and a brilliant shine that only comes with lots of hand labor, plus the modern urethane paint gives a great shine with minimal maintenance requirements. The bed is beautifully finished with oak planks and spray-in bedliner on the fender wells, and it appears that the only notable deviation from stock specifications (at least externally) is a few shaved emblems and the cool charcoal gray paint treatment on the front grille. Nice chrome bumpers, twin mirrors, and a minimum of fussiness give it a polished look, suggesting that this GMC is capable of doing more than just hauling your gear. Buying this 1500 gets you some upgraded upholstery inside your new GMC pickup, which amounts to a beautifully tailored bench seat that's far more comfortable than the original park bench. It's all in excellent shape, with dark gray carpets to help control noise and heat and a set of door panels that were an upgrade over the usual all-metal echo chambers. You also get some brushed metal accents, a sporty steering wheel, and a bunch of gauges that are some of the best-looking dials of the period. The lenses are a little faded but the faces of the instruments still look crisp and clear. You'll also note that this is a factory A/C truck and the hardware has been made for easy maintenance, although it appears to need a recharge today. And while some may think the lack of a radio is a demerit, I prefer to look at it as an opportunity to install whatever you'd like rather than living with some outdated tune box installed decades ago. A smooth-running 350 cubic inch V8 was stuffed under the hood, and in the relatively lightweight pickup, it makes for entertaining performance. With a mild camshaft inside, it has a great eight-cylinder burble and there's a bunch of chrome up top to really dress it up. The rest of the satin black engine bay is all business, but service access is good and thanks to power steering and brakes, this truck is a pleasure to drive around town. The transmission is a TH350 3-speed automatic that powers a 12-bolt rear end with relatively tall gears, so highway cruising is relaxed and easy. The chassis is mostly original and in good condition with an obviously custom exhaust system tucked up close to the frame. The suspension was lowered all around, giving it a sporty look and improved handling without losing its carrying capacity, and giant Torque Thrust wheels are wrapped in low-profile performance radials. So if you're seeking something that's not a Chevy and maybe has a bit of luxury to go with its functionality, this GMC should fit the bill. Call today!

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Car 1970 GMC C1500
VIN CE134ZZ66927 
Mileage 75,783 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Automatic