1967/11 Lotus Europa early S1 matching # [TOO LATE, now sold]SOLD

Extremely rare, first mid-engine production Lotus

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[TOO LATE, now sold]

The Lotus Type 46 "Europa" (Europe) was a breakthrough designed by genius engineer Colin Chapman in 1966. Collectors know that Lotus won Formula 1 car Championship in 1963 and 1965, and Indianapolis in 1965.

In 1966, the revolutionnary Europa, using F1 design experience, made it possible to drive a "road-legal Race car", one of the very first GTs with mid-engine structure, contemporary to the Lamborghini Miura.

Furthermore, the conception of the Europe Type 46 Series 1 (glassfibre monocoque integrating a steel chassis, ultra-low profile, 600 kg racing-like construction) was far ahead of its time. The racing version - Type 47 - won its very first Race at Brands Hatch in Dec. 1966.
The radical style of the Europa, by John Frayling (who designed the Lola GT) and Colin Chapman, is a timeless masterwork, understated and original, so pure it could have been and Italian Gran Turismo. To save weight and cost, Series 1 Europa have side windows that are sealed, exactly as in aircrafts (!).

Of course, this model is not to be confused with the more conventional S2 cars, less elegant, heavier, and very common on the market.

On the contrary, out of the 300 first Europe S-1, only a few have survived ; almost all have been sadly altered with incorrect engine or gearbox, "tuning" interior, modified bodywork, etc. This example is one of only a handful in such an original condition.

This Lotus Eruope was sold new in France in November 1967 by the then importer Royal Elysée (plate of the importer in the front boot), then she had two owners, the last one since 1971 to 2014, and from whom we bought it (more than 40 years in the same hands !).

The car, now painted green, was Ivory white when new - an extremely rare colour for this model ; everything is original except that the electrical system has been redone (Lotus fanatics know why...) the wheels are of a more recent type, and a twin pipe exhaust has been fitted. Brakes are new, water radiator and other areas have recently received some attention. Chassis is still the original one, which is historically important since most Europe S1 in driving condition have received mew chassis and/or engne/gear box, etc.

Early Lotus are rapidly gaining value ; the Type 14 Elite, once below 30.000 €, is now in the 80-100.000 € range. This example of the highly sought-after and rare Series 1 (only 300 made) is a legacy of genius engineer Colin Chapman, and a very good investment for the future. Our other (yellow) Europe S1 is featured in the last issue of specialised French magazine Autoretro : "a prototype homologated for the road".

Reference Number 414085

as of 2/17/2020

Car 1967/11 Lotus Europa early S1 matching # [TOO LATE, now sold]
Small Series  1 of 300 
Condition Very Good 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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