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Jaguary XJ220

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The production version of the car was first shown to the public in October 1991 after undergoing significant changes. The most obvious of which was a completely different drive train and the elimination of the scissor doors. TWR was charged with producing the car and had several goals/rules in producing the car: the car would be rear wheel drive instead of all wheel drive; turbocharged V6 instead of the big V12; and performance goals of over 200 mph (320 km/h), 0 to 60 mph (97 km/h) under 4 s, and the lightest weight possible.

Keith Helfet designed the car with the idea/concept to have a car suitable for motorsport competition. Aluminum honeycomb panels run the length of the car, joined by honeycomb and machined bulkheads. Honeycomb lines the floor panels and centre tunnel, which also lowers the piping and pipe work. The driver’s cockpit is made up of machined alloy plate, with more alloy below the engine. Its fuel tank sits between the two bulkheads, in an effort to minimize weight transfer changes as the fuel load decreases.

Unlike the prototype, the production model was able to generate down force, aided by the fact the car had a shorter wheelbase, resulting in a better turn in. It also happened to be the first car to feature ground effects. The low nose and spoiler ensured a much more effective when driven at the limit. It also ensured there wouldn't be too much speed lost as the air travelled beneath the car. Like the prototype model, two large venturi tunnels sat at the back of the car. Already well balanced at the limit, the presence of the large rear wing ensured the car generated 600 lb of down force. Whereas the prototype didn't generate any down force, the 0.36 the production model generated gave the car a more, enhanced stable gripping.

The car we offer has had 3 previous keepers, it is an original Fast Masters car from America that has been restored to it's original specification and approved by the Jaguar factory

Reference Number 41435

as of 4/1/2009

Car Jaguar XJ220
Exterior / Interior Color      Green /      Beige 
Mileage 2,458 miles 
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