1988/9 Jaguar XJS ConvertibleSOLD

Jaguary XJS Convertible

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In 1983, the XJ-S cabriolet version débuted with a new 3.6-litre Jaguar AJ6 engine I6, the XJ-SC. In the XJ-SC, the rear jump seats were eliminated making it only a 2-seat car. The XJ-SC was not a full convertible but had a non-removable centre targa-type structure and fixed cant rails above the doors. The rear quarter windows remained as well. With the introduction of the AJ6 engine in the XJS chassis came the availability of a 5-speed manual transmission for the 6 cylinder cars. This model with a Getrag manual transmission was not imported by Jaguar into the United states until 1994 (and then only in extremely limited numbers). A limited number of earlier 5-speed AJ6 cars did enter the US as grey market personal imports however. A V12 XJ-SC did not emerge until 1985. The two-seat XJ-SC targa-type model was replaced with a two-seat full convertible in 1988. Prior to that there was a special full convertible version called a Hess & Eisenhardt XJS offered through dealers starting in 1986. The car we offer has 6 former keepers.

Reference Number 41437

as of 4/1/2009

Car 1988/9 Jaguar XJS Convertible
Exterior / Interior Color      Green /      Tan 
Mileage 50,000 miles 
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