1925 Rolls-Royce 20 HP Doctors Coupe by Barker & CoSOLD
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Estimate: ú32,000-42,000

Sold: ú31,000

In the years of the Depression immediately after the First World War it was inevitable that there would be a drop in demand for luxury cars at the top end of the market. Rolls-Royce knew it could not rely purely on such prestige models as its Silver Ghost for survival and thus decided to produce a smaller and more affordable model. The resultant 20HP was indeed considerably smaller than its previous cars and was powered by an all-new six cylinder engine of 3,127cc mated to a three-speed transmission with centrally mounted gear lever. This sturdy chassis was leaf-sprung at both ends while brakes were fitted to the rear axle only, on which the centrally-mounted handbrake also operated. Introduced in 1922 and quickly nick-named the Baby Rolls, the 20HP was warmly received and soon became a popular model. Coachwork could be sourced from a wide variety of specialist concerns in closed, open or touring forms. The centrally-mounted gear lever and handbrake, however, did lead to some criticism and in 1925 these were re-sited on the right-hand side of the body as on larger Rolls-Royce models; at the same time the transmission was changed to a four-speed unit, together with four wheel braking assisted by Rolls-Royce's own gearbox-driven mechanical servo. Production ceased in 1929 after a total of 2,940 20HP models had been manufactured.

GLK9 came off test in December 1924 and was delivered in March 1925 to the Stour Valley Motor Co. Ltd. of Stourbridge for their customer, J.Child Hill. An old buff log book accompanies the car records ownership in 1947 by (appropriately) Dr. K.C. Edwards of Suffolk who acquired the car in 1928 and retained it until 1967. The coupe cabriolet coachwork by Barker & Co. coachbuilders Ltd is perhaps the most elegant in this style with a particularly slim hood line ensuring a light interior. The car is equipped with nickel fittings, Lucas lighting units, an early type centre change gearbox, boa constrictor bulb horn and provision for side or rear mounted spare wheel. Three steps provide access to a spacious rear dickey seat to be found towards the back end. GLK 9 comes from a small private collection where it has been maintained but used only sparingly. It is offered with a quantity of old MoT's and tax discs, buff and green log books, V5C registration document, an original instruction book and copies of the factory build and order sheets. A most practical and well appointed vintage motor car in generally excellent condition eligible for the many touring events organised by the RREC and the 20HP Register.

Reference Number 4145

as of 9/24/2006

Car 1925 Rolls-Royce 20 HP Doctors Coupe by Barker & Co
Exterior / Interior Color      Dark Blue 
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
Options Exterior: Wire wheels 
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