1949 Porsche 356 GmundSOLD

Rare Gmund

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Reference Number 41465

as of 4/1/2009

Car 1949 Porsche 356 Gmund
VIN 2045 
Exterior / Interior Color      Dark Blue /      Medium Grey 
Condition Exceptional 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
Options Interior: Leather interior 
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Known History

This rare 1949 356/2 aluminum bodied Porsche Gmund Coupe was one of the first production cars made in Gmund, Austria. The history of this car represents the romance of the Porsche success story, making it very valuable to the discerning collector.


Production records vary slightly, but there was a total production of approximately 47 units, making this Coupe one of the first 50 Porsche’s ever built.


Four Gmund Coupes were built in 1948 (Porsche’s first year of operation). Twenty-five were produced in 1949 and 18 were produced in 1950.


Distinctive Features

This 1949 Gmund has the following original components:


chassis #45

motor #43

body #35

The coupe’s most distinctive feature is its split windshield. It has mechanical brakes and is powered by an 1100 cc, 40 horsepower air-cooled engine, with two Solex carburetors.


Additionally, this car features original chrome and upholstery, which gives it just the right patina.


The engine has been rebuilt and the car has been repainted in its original color.


The Story of GMUND COUPE #45: Excerpts from Excellence October 1994 Article Gmund-Meister by David Colman


David Coleman wrote an article in Excellence Magazine back in 1994 about Jim Barrington and how he acquired the largest collection of Gmund Coupes in the world. Through research and due diligence, Jim had acquired five Gmund Coupes to surmount the largest collection of these long forgotten cars at the time. One could say, he was way ahead of the learning curve. Here is the story of how he came to acquire #45 as written by David Coleman.


Barrington developed close ties with a German businessman. This contact resulted in the purchase of number 045. The German had an exceptional knack for locating extant Gmunds in the barns and back alleys of Switzerland and Scandinavia. These had been fertile sales areas for Porsche after the war. Thus did Scania Vabis (dealership) in Sodertalje, Sweden purchase no less than fifteen of the 52 documented pre-production Austrian Porsches.


Barrington describes number 045 as “a fairly decent navy blue example with a running motor and somewhat rough chassis.” About a year later, the German intermediary located number 032 in Norway-”in really nice shape, but with no doors- God knows where the went!” Both 045 and 032 included all their original upholstery, a big plus for Barrington, who comments, “I figure anybody can restore one of these things if they have enough time and money, but not many can get a hold of one that’s still in pretty original condition.” These two required only mild cosmetic restoration, and Barrington hired a painter to respray the pair in their original colors, in a fashion that “isn’t a $10,000 paint job, but isn’t an Earl Scheib job either.” Part of the charm of 045 and 032 is their unhampered authenticity. For example, the chrome finish on the trim parts remains as delivered when 045 was shipped to Scania Vabis on July 18, 1950.


The undertaking in Austria produced not only Porsche’s first production road car, but also the firm’s first clear statement of purpose for building personal sports cars. The German text reads, “Alle erwahnten Vorzuge machen das Fahren mit diesem Sportwagen stets zur reinsten Freude.” which means, “All the good qualities which have been mentioned make travel in this sports car a pure joy all the time.” This is the tenet of motoring that gradually evolved into Porsche’s famous slogan, “Driving in its Purest Form.” Though the inspirational chant is with us still, you can see that from the very beginning, the credo illuminated even the darkest Austrian sawmill.


In Summary:

The Gmund cars and story, truly represent the success story of Porsche. These arcane yet skillfully built cars from Gmund do represent Porsche’s “first clear statement of purpose for building personal sports cars.” Thus, it’s our sincere opinion here at Road Scholars, that a Gmund 356 represents the corner stone of any serious Porsche collection in the world.

Showing History

It was shown at Amelia Island in 2005 and remains in “as-shown” condition.


Sales Inquiries

Please contact Kevin Watts at 919-454-7155 about this special opportunity.