1952 Jaguar XK120 OTS RoadsterSOLD
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Estimate: ú50,000-60,000

Sold: ú65,460

It was at the 1948 London Motor Show that Jaguar virtually threw the sports car world into turmoil with its stunning XK120. Here was a car with incredible style and looks, a powerful six cylinder engine installed in an outstanding chassis and a remarkably low price - a quarter that of a V12 Ferrari with similar performance. The combination was unbeatable and without doubt, the Jaguar XK120 was an absolute milestone for both Jaguar and the motor industry as a whole. At the heart of the William Lyons styled roadster was that all-new 3,442cc, twin overhead camshaft XK engine producing 160bhp via twin SU carburettors - sufficient for 126mph and 0-60mph in 10.0 seconds. To further push the performance point home, in October 1948, with an aero screen and aluminium undershield the only modifications, an XK120 recorded 132.6mph for the flying mile in Jabekke, Belgium, making it indisputably the fastest off-the-shelf production car in the world. The XK120 was also endowed with fine roadholding, its steel body - the originally planned limited production run used alloy bodies - clothing a shortened Mk.V chassis employing independent torsion bar/wishbone front suspension and a semi-elliptic leaf-sprung rear axle, while brakes were all round drums. The XK120 became a massive success both on the road and the track where it scored numerous victories, the many drivers including Stirling Moss, Peter Walker, Peter Whitehead, Leslie Johnson and Ian Appleyard; indeed, in XK120C/C-Type form it won Le Mans in both 1951 and 1953 while its engine was to power three more Sarthe winners and a whole host of Jaguars right up to the present day. However it was in the hands of privateers and 'weekend' race drivers that these cars truly found their mark, Jaguars technology was relatively simple during this time, the use of 6 cylinder engine designs as opposed to the V12, and V8 and V6 designs of the Italian and German sports car manufacturers. The ethos was 'keep it simple and reliable'. It was to this end that the car was very flexible, allowing privateers to drive their cars to the circuits and then race them. It is to this end that the car we present here found fame. Manufactured on the 11th August 1952, this genuine XK120 Roadster was dispatched from Browns Lane on the 15th August to Hornburg, Los Angeles, USA to its fist owner, privateer race driver G.W Teaby. Gregory Teaby campaigned the car to second place in the Pebble Beach race in 1954, he also competed in the Santa Barbara road race in 1953, Golden Gate Park road races in 1954 and 55, Buchanan Field road races in 1955, the SCCA Sacramento road races 1955 and 56 and the Stockton road races in 1955-56. The car still bears plaques in the interior with these results. Having found its way to Europe in the early part of the 1980's, the car was restored by XK specialist Nigel Dawes and has since won first prizes in Norwegian Concour D'Elegance shows as well as taking part in the North Cape Rally. Finished in British Racing Green with a green interior, the car is presented in very good order, its original engine remains and fitted with C-type cylinder head and 2" SU carburettors. Sitting on Borrani wire wheels, it also sports a louvered bonnet, Monza filler cap and a Nardi steering wheel. This very sporting, matching number, XK120 Roadster is also believed to have been the former property of silver screen idol Clarke Gable. A magnificent example in first class order.

Reference Number 4149

as of 9/24/2006

Car 1952 Jaguar XK120 OTS Roadster
VIN 672654 
Exterior / Interior Color      British Racing Green /      Green 
Options Exterior: Wire wheels
Interior: Wooden steering wheel 
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