1909 Maxwell RunaboutSOLD
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Maxwell Runabouts were made from 1904 onwards by the Maxwell ľ Briscoe Motor Co of Tarrytown, New Jersey. The cars were light two seaters which used a flat twin cylinder engine with mechanical valves, thermosyphon cooling and a two speed epicyclic gearbox with shaft drive to the rear wheels. This design continued largely unchanged through to 1912 when the company collapsed and Maxwell and Briscoe parted company.

This car, number A321, is believed to be from 1909. It looks to be very correct throughout with what appears to be all of its original bodywork and most of its original mechanical components. The trembler coil ignition makes starting very easy, the engine has lots of compression, it runs smoothly and maintains a steady temperature at cruising speeds. The gearbox works properly, the brakes are effective and the car steers well. Once the engine has warmed up the car bowls along very cheerfully and it drives well with all its mechanical components performing as you would like them too. All in all it inspires confidence and is good fun on the road. Like so many early American cars it is a well engineered but simple design and is very likely to be reliable and easy to maintain. Again, like so many early American cars, it is also very good value for money!

Reference Number 4167

as of 9/25/2006

Car 1909 Maxwell Runabout
VIN A321 
Exterior / Interior Color      Dark Red /      Black 
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
Options Interior: Leather interior 
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