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1973 Ford Mustang

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Many folks call 1973 the unofficial end of the muscle car era, and that's likely because it was the end of the line for the first-generation Mustang, and more importantly, its ragtop iteration. But the truth is, cars like this 1973 Mustang convertible are wonderful cars with a distinct style that still says "Mustang" loud and clear. Add in flashy yellow paint, cool black wheels, and a handsome interior, and suddenly it's a car that everyone will envy you for owning. This cheerful Mustang convertible delivers exactly what the Mustang has always promised: affordable fun. The paint was done a few years ago in the proper code 6E Medium Bright Yellow (nice job, name-making guy), and you'd better believe it's eye-catching. It's two-stage urethane, so it'll look good for a long time, and while there are some touch-ups here and there, you can't argue with how right it looks. The sheetmetal is quite straight, a detail highlighted by the black body stripe that stretches from nose to tail. It hasn't been over-dressed with aftermarket hoods and spoilers, so it faithfully replicates what you might have driven off the dealer's lot back in the early '70s. Bright trim on the rockers makes it look even sleeker, accentuating the long nose/short deck profile that made the Mustang famous. The urethane front bumper is in very good condition with no major cracks or splits, while the rest of the chrome and stainless trim has been well maintained and shines up nicely. The Ginger vinyl interior appears to be mostly new, and it captures the look of 1973 very faithfully. You'll probably appreciate the lighter color when you're in the sun with the top down, and the combination of Ginger and yellow works well and doesn't look dated. The factory gauges pretty much amount to a speedometer and fuel gauge, but by nestling them deep in the dashboard, Ford gave them a sporty look even in this 6-cylinder ragtop. A newer AM/FM/cassette stereo was tucked into the dash and overhead, there's a white power convertible top that's in good condition and features a glass rear window as well as a factory boot. The trunk is also properly finished with a reproduction mat and spare tire with cover. Mustang experts will glance at the VIN and quickly see that this car has an L-code 250 cubic inch inline-6. Now before you turn away, give this car a chance, because the big six is not only thrifty, but it's also durable, torquey, and cheap to insure. It starts quickly and easily and idles so quietly most folks won't even notice it's running. The engine bay is impressively clean with nice details and lots of new equipment, including distributor, alternator, water pump, fuel pump, belts, and hoses, so it's ready to ride. It's backed by a C4 3-speed automatic transmission and 9-inch rear end with 2.79 gears inside, so it's a relaxed cruiser with pretty good torque. There's more new stuff underneath, including most of the front suspension, brakes, brake lines, and shocks, and the exhaust has a nice six-cylinder grumble. Black Torque Thrust wheels give it a wonderfully unique look and carry fresh Cooper radials all around. There's a lot to be said for 6-cylinder Mustangs, this is an affordable way to own the car that started it all with the bonus of a top that goes down. Call today!

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Car 1973 Ford Mustang
VIN 3F03L229667 
Mileage 28,637 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Automatic