1971 Plymouth RoadrunnerSOLD
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Estimate: £15000 - £20000

Sold: £18,400

The Plymouth Road Runner was a no-frills muscle car built by the Plymouth division of the Chrysler Corporation in the United States between 1968 and 1980. In 1968, the first muscle cars were, in the opinion of many, moving away from their roots as relatively cheap, fast cars as they gained options. The 1969 model kept the same basic look and was slightly changed cosmetically with an added convertible option for 1969.

While the 383 engine remained the standard powerplant, a 440 CID engine with three two-barrel carburettors, known as the "440 Six Pack" (6-BBL), was added to the line-up at mid-year to qualify the engine for the "Super Stock" drag racing class. The Six Pack Road Runners had no wheel covers or hubcaps and a flat black lift-off fibreglass hood with functional hood scoop. Its 440 engine produced 390 bhp at 3200 rpm, very similar numbers to the Hemi and at a lower engine speed. This meant the cheaper 440 6-BBL was nearly as fast as the 426 Hemi, at least up to highway speeds. This option, along with the economical yet fast 383 and the outrageously fast Hemi helped propel Plymouth and corporate sibling Dodge, to the top of the drag strip echelon and secured its place in American classic car collectors Top 10.

This rare example has been owned by the vendor since 1990, nearly 20 years in total and during this extensive ownership, has been lovingly restored. This includes a complete body rebuild as well as new quarter panels, floor pans back and front and a total wheel arch rebuild. The body is described now as solid throughout. The engine was rebuilt just 5,000 miles ago and is also in good order. It should be noted that this is an extremely rare car with only four thought to be left in the country and just 90 left in the United States. It comes complete with a service history as well as old MoT test certificates and bills for many thousands of pounds. It is not unusual for Muscle cars to be exported back to their country of origin these days and this may just be another such gem.

Reference Number 43475

as of 5/12/2009

Car 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner
VIN RM2341R125729 
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