1980 Porsche 911SCSOLD
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Estimate: £6000 - £10000

Sold: £10,200

The legendary Porsche 911 is the longest production run sports car of all time. It was conceived as a successor for the highly successful Porsche 356 and from the start had high aspirations for success. Ferry Porsche’s son, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, designed the 911. When it went into production it was originally named the 901 but Peugeot had claims to the name, so to avoid conflict, it was changed to 911. In 1973, the 911E, 911T, and 911S used a 2.4 litre, six-cylinder engine. In 1974 the Carrera name was added to the line-up and represented the performance option. The 911S became the middle model with its performance and trim equivalent to the former 911E. The Carrera was distinguished by its many exterior components coloured in black. In 1974, the Porsche 911 Turbo was introduced and is credited as being the world’s first production turbocharged sports car. Using a 3.0 litre engine and equipped with a turbocharger, it was capable of producing 290 horsepower.

In 1978, there were only two options available for the 911, the Turbo and the SC. The 911 SC used the 3.0 litre engine because it was more reliable and offered more opportunity for tuning in the future. In 1979 the 911 SC’s engine received modifications increasing the horsepower rating to 188 while improving fuel economy by 10 percent. In 1980, further improvements gave the 911 SC 204 horsepower. Presented today is a rare opportunity to buy a fully restored 1980 3.0 litre 911 SC with over £13,000 spent in recent years on the car. Works included a top end rebuild, a new clutch, a refurbished rev. counter and a rebuilt heater with new front and rear blowers, relay and fan motor. The brakes were totally overhauled including new discs, pads and fully reconditioned callipers. All oil pipes and tanks have been replaced and according to the vendor, underneath the wheel arches are as clean as the exterior. Wheels are renovated genuine turbo Fuchs with new tyres and a twin pipe sports exhaust system is fitted. The accident free body shell has had a full glass out re-spray in Guards Red with all rubbers and door seals being replaced. The interior is classic black and white checked pasha trim of the period. The car is supplied with a detailed history file and is a fully restored low mileage classic that is both fast and reliable.

Reference Number 43493

as of 5/12/2009

Car 1980 Porsche 911SC
VIN 91A0131011 
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