1986 Morgan 4/4SOLD
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Estimate: £4000 - £6000

Sold: £11,150

The Morgan Motor Co. was founded in 1910 by H. F. S. Morgan, with great encouragement from his father, the Rev. Prebendary H. G. Morgan; it is still being run by direct descendants of these two gentlemen, methods of assembly not having changed a great deal, as Sir John Harvey-Jones discovered recently! The first cars were 3 wheelers, and Morgan’s remained faithful to this lay-out until 1939. However, they bowed to the inevitable, and in 1936 reluctantly added a fourth wheel, the result initially being fitted with a Ford 10 engine and gearbox and known as the 4/4, which eventually turned into the Plus 4 and the Plus 8. Another feature which stood the test of time is the system of independent front suspension by sliding pillars and coil springs, which is in use in slightly modified form to this day. The 4/4 soon changed from the Ford engine to the 1122cc Coventry Climax unit, as also used by Triumph and Crossley: this developed 34bhp at 4500rpm and had the additional advantage of a 4-speed Moss gearbox, compared to the 3-speed Ford box. Top speed was around 75mph which was competitive in those days, and handling was described as excellent.

The 4/4 excelled in rallies and trials, very often driven by members of the Morgan family and Company employees; there were class wins in the R.A.C. Rallies in 1937/8/9, with some racing successes in Ireland. A Miss Fawcett driving in her first and last motor-race, was 13th overall at Le Mans in her 4/4; her co-driver was called White, and he and Anthony were 15th overall in 1939, again in a 4/4.

It is no surprise that in this anniversary year, focus should come to bear on this most idiosyncratic of British motorcars. With bespoke engineering comes entry to a very special club, if you have never driven a Morgan you won’t understand but if you have any interest in motorcars or the oily bits underneath then you owe it to yourself to have a go. Consider it a right of passage.

Bought by the vendor in 2004 from Berry Brook of Exminster, it comes with a considerable history file with MoT test certificates and bills dating back to 1989. There is also an MoT test certificate and tax until October this year. Presented in good general condition throughout, this exciting four seat example is too well priced to ignore.

Reference Number 43529

as of 5/12/2009

Car 1986 Morgan 4/4
VIN C7158 
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