1937 BMW 326 SaloonSOLD

Frazer Nash-BMW saloon in really very good restored condition

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Two famous car makers were linked in 1934 when H.J. Aldington of Frazer Nash extended his company's range of cars by importing BMWs and badging them as Frazer Nash-BMW. This car is a very good example of that association which ultimately led, through Aldington's vision and entrepreneurial spirit, to the Bristol Aeroplane company becomimg a car maker in their own right.

In fact if you look at the BMW you can see where many of the Bristol 400 design features originated such its engine, its transverse leaf independant front suspension, its rack and pinion steering and its torsion bar rear suspension.
As an aside, developments of Bristol's BMW based 2 litre six cylinder engine also powered Frazer Nash's very desireable post war Le Mans Replicas as well as AC sports cars and Cooper racing cars but that's another story!

According to a copy of a Frazer Nash Archive letter dated 1995 and signed by Jenks (Denis Jenkinson) this car, on chassis number 77.443, was delivered in to a Mr Hutson and registered in Middlesex in March 1937. AFN serviced the car from new until September 1948 when the recorded mileage was 37,753. It was apparently described by them as "a good 1937 car".

It was restored during the late 1990s by a BMW main dealer for their own use. It has not done many miles since and it looks to be in really very good condition throughout. It is a typically well engineered German car which is also stylish as well as being a good fun to drive. It has good handling, good touring car performance and plenty of room for four people and is well suited to touring, rallying and showing. It offers access to membership (subject to individual club rules of course) of the BMW Historic Motor Club and the Frazer Nash Car Club and is accepted by the Vintage Sports Car Clun (VSCC) as a Post Vintage Thoroughbred. See www.bmwhistoricmotorclub.co.uk, www.frazernash.co.uk and www.vscc.co.uk/vsccweb for details of these organisations.

Reference Number 44275

as of 5/25/2009

Car 1937 BMW 326 Saloon
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
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