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1948 Ford F-1

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This is the first F-Series pickup. Yes, the 1948 Ford F-1 was the vehicle that launched a legend. That's why this deep, dark red restored pickup deserves a prime spot in your garage. This is how to get a custom pickup without taking away from the vintage atmosphere. The Lava Red paint will look black to some people until you park it next to other F-1s out there. Then you can really see it's a bold standout when you want it most. Bodywork is nicely done with the kind of fit and finish you'd expect from a vintage truck, offering just enough character that was earned the hard way. There's enough chrome to remind you that even trucks cared about style – just look at the stainless strips running along the sides of the hood, framing the vents, and the simple grille that still echoes in today's F-150. Running boards were also an important feature on pickups, allowing easy access to the bed, and those on this truck carry accessory step plates. And inside the bed, the new glossy wood radiates from the dark paint like a showpiece. The cab is built for long-lasting function. There's plenty of dashboard space, thanks to an uncluttered feel that only has to make room for the heater. Muddy work boots are not a problem because the rubber floor mat means this cleanup is as simple as a garden hose. Despite this utilitarian feel, there have been a couple of nice upgrades, such as the exterior-matching Lava Red paint and a newer vinyl bench for comfort. This Ford's blue-collar roots are immediately known when you grab three-spoke wheel and feel the groves of all the workers who relied on similar pickups for decades. There is no radio, but it will hardly be missed because this pickup will make you want to whistle a worker's tune on every road trip. The consignor took his time restoring this truck to make sure it was a strong runner. It's proven not only in the fantastic presentation of the engine bay, but also in how eager the pickup is to hit the road even in its seventh decade of existence. The 239 cubic-inch flathead V8 was the larger of the two motors offered in '48, so it has an extra wallop of power, and the glasspack dual exhaust adds a little extra bass to this industrial symphony. Best of all, the three-speed manual transmission keeps you in control of it all. The modern tires are hardly noticed (but appreciated) thanks to the whitewalls and two-piece wheels with half-moon hubcaps. In the end, the full experience of being behind the wheel feels like rolling history. Complete with a restoration photo book, this is the truck that launched the pickup icon. Nicely presented and ready to run, it's time you grab a legend on wheels. Call now!!

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Car 1948 Ford F-1
VIN 88RC28877 
Mileage 55,672 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift