1936 AC 16/60, 16/70SOLD

SALE AGREED - Lovely AC 2 litre 6 cylinder six cylinder drop head coupe

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The Weller designed overhead cam six cylinder engine is, in my opinion, one of the best medium size engines produced in England during the first part of 20th century. It was introduced as far back as 1919 and continued to power AC cars (with continually increasing BHP output) right up to the Ace sports car of the early 1960s. It is a very smooth unit with lots of low down torque as well as plenty of pull right up through the rev range. AC really started to get the best out of this engine in the early 1930s when they fitted triple SU carburettors and added four speed gearboxes - this car has a very easy to use Moss box. AC also understood that while many people were happy to drive standard production cars, others wanted something more individual so although they used a standard chassis, engine and gearbox combination they let their clientele customise their cars to quite a degree so they ended up owning "their" AC. This particular car has very practical 2 plus 2 drophead coupe coachwork which has a spacious and well equipped cockpit with two additional seats folding out of the rear of the body. The drophead coupe, which has a fold flat hood, offers more creature comforts than the open sports model, including wind up windows and wood trim on the door and dash cappings. As any inspection will show the interior of this car has been professionally retrimmed to a very high standard. The body, which is very sound and rattle free even over bumpy roads, has a very good paint finish with only a few minor blemishes here and there but nothing more than you would expect in a very well maintained but enthusiastically used car. The Ace has also been the subject of a considerable amount of mechanical work with lots of recent invoices for work you won't have to pay to have done including (but not limited to!) a complete engine rebuild, clutch and gearbox work, kingpins and shock absorbers and new wheels and tyres. The car, which looks lovely and drives very well, also comes with a good history file including early correspondence with and invoices from AC Cars Ltd in Thames Ditton. It is also VSCC eligible and there is a very strong AC owners club. Furthermore I think ACs have been undervalued for a while, especially when you compare them with other similar capacity six cylinder cars, so maybe now is a good time to consider acquiring one! PS sorry about some of the pictures being a bit dull - the car is a superb Old English White but it isn't the easiest colour for an amateur photographer like me to capture correctly!

Reference Number 45191

as of 3/12/2017

Car 1936 AC 16/60, 16/70
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
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