1992 Porsche 911 / 964 Carrera RS Carrera Cup USA (1 of 45)SOLD

1992 Porsche Carrera Cup USA..1 of 45

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The 1992 Porsche Carrera Cup USA

In the early 90’s Porsche instituted a very successful racing series in Europe called the
Porsche Carrera Cup. The Carrera Cup at the time was a racing series featuring specially
factory modified 911 Carrera 2’s running as a support race during Formula 1 race
weekends like the Porsche Supercup series today.

In 1992 Porsche Cars North America (PCNA), hoping to emulate the success of the
International Race of Champions (IROC) races of the early 1970’s, sought to develop a
Carrera Cup series in the USA. The plan was that teams would pay around $100,000 for a
car specially prepared for a USA Carrera Cup racing series that would support
professional races here. As in Europe, no further modifications to the cars were to be
allowed except for wheel alignment, wheel weighting and sway bar adjustment. The
engines were to be sealed so that internal modifications were not possible. All teams were
to use Toyo tires. The Motronic engine management brains for each race were to be
handed out to the teams by the organizers before each race and then collected after each
race. Now all that was needed for this plan to work were racing cars and teams that would
buy the cars and race them.

Production of a suitable racing car for the series turned out to be a little tricky. The
simple solution car would have been for Porsche to build a run of Carrera Cup cars for
the series and import them as was done with the IROC Carrera RS 3.0 based series cars in
the 1970’s. I have been told that this was not feasible in 1992 because of some trouble
Porsche found itself in during the 1980’s with the US Federal Government after Al
Holbert, then director of Porsche motorsport activities in the USA, imported some
European Porsche 959 cars as “racing cars”. When the Environmental Protection Agency
and Department of Transportation decided that the 959’s were more likely to end up on
the street than on a racing track they were impounded and sent back to Germany. Porsche
was put on notice that any “racing car” that “looked like” a street-type car had to meet
EPA and DOT laws. PCNA was sensitive to the fact that anything they import may be
sent back to Germany by the US Federal Government if it didn’t meet federal regulations.

At the time the 1992 964 Carrera RS served as the basis car for the European Carrera
Cup, just as the 996 GT3 serves as the basis car for the Supercup series today. Therefore,
for the proposed USA Carrera Cup, PCNA asked Andial/PMNA to coordinate with
Porsche AG a limited production run of USA legal cars similar to the European Carrera
RS. Andial/PMNA would then be contracted to convert these road legal cars to Carrera
Cup racing cars for the racing series. Forty-five “Carrera Cup USA Edition” cars were
specially produced and sent to the PCNA port in Charleston, W. Virginia.

Twenty-nine of these 45 cars were shipped from Charleston to Andial/PMNA. Of these,
25 were converted to the full Carrera Cup racing specification and 4 had their engines
sealed, checked on the dynamometer and their clutch plate changed to the racing unit.
These 4 cars were to be used as parts cars and were otherwise unchanged from the way
they were imported. These 29 cars were then shipped to Reno, Nevada for storage at
Porsche Cars North America.

The cost of producing racing specification cars in this way was high and PCNA tried to
pass on this cost to racing teams, so finding enough teams to buy and race the cars proved
impossible. In addition the weak American economy in 1992 reduced the hoped for
sponsorship support and the series was cancelled by PCNA before it began.

After the Carrera Cup USA series cancellation, the 29 racing and modified cars were
returned to Andial and reconverted back to their original street legal specification as
originally imported. The only remaining elements of the conversion are 2 tubes left from
the roll cage on each side of the engine compartment, remnants of the roll cage weld pads
inside the car and the stiffer steering coupler links were also left in the cars. The cars
were then shipped from Andial back to the Porsche port in Charleston, South Carolina for
final carpeting and paintwork before shipment to dealers.

Sixteen of the original 45 cars were never shipped from South Carolina to Andial in the
first place and were sold as they were imported.

Probably since PCNA was sensitive about the cancellation of the racing series there was
no national advertising program about the cars availability other than a letter to Porsche
dealers. All 45 cars were sold quietly through the regular dealer network as a model
officially called the Carrera Cup USA Edition.

The Carrera Cup USA Edition

The Carrera Cup USA Edition car is essentially the European RS Basic N/GT car but
equipped with the following added safety equipment to make the car USA legal along
with some other changes to facilitate it’s ultimate conversion to an M001 Carrera Cup
racing car:

1) Airbags (legal requirement)
2) Center high mounted stop light with associated thicker rear window glass (legal
3) USA 5 mph bumpers (legal requirement)
4) A door-less rear package tray (Porsche apparently does not want the seat pockets
remaining in the rear to potentially be used as seating without seatbelts, note that the
current GT3 uses warning stickers instead)
5) Standard seats (to be replaced with a Recaro SPG racing seat)
6) Alarm and central locking system (legal requirement, Porsche chooses this rather than
stamping numbers on body parts)
7) A 77 Liter gas tank (92 liter not approved for USA)
8) Power windows (manual windows winders won't clear the airbag dash padding)
9) Interior lighting (part of American wiring)
10) Fog lights (part of 5 mph bumper)
11) A 7.4-liter windshield washer tank (no support for 1 liter bottle in USA harness)
12) Standard USA wiring harness (required to support the added electrical equipment)
13) Deck lid and sides are free of any model designation.
14) Aluminum 7 and 8 X 17 inch wheels as on RS America (Aluminum 8 inch rear
wheels were needed for the front in the Carrera Cup racing conversion)
15) Deletion of emblem script on deck lid.

The Carrera Cup USA body was created using a so-called “body in white” as for a USA
airbag equipped car and performing the workshop manual operations listed above for the
European Carrera RS Basic. Three of the operations listed in the workshop manual were
not performed though: adding the bracket for the small water bottle, deleting the bracket
for the large water bottle and removing the brackets for the rear seats.

Carrera Cup USA car serial number 0392, the pre production car, is slightly different
from the 44 other cars in that it had the bracket for the small RS water windshield washer
water tank installed and had the brackets for the rear seating removed. The carpeting was
also tightly glued down. Subsequent cars did not have the water bottle bracket, the rear
seat brackets were not removed and the carpeting was barely glued into the car to
facilitate removal when the car was converted to a racing car.

The Carrera Cup Vehicle M001

The M001 Carrera Cup racing car is not certified for road use and included all the M003
Competition modifications listed above plus the following:

The USA Carrera Cup Edition cars had all the M003 and M001 modifications performed
by Andial/PMNA to become Carrera Cup racing cars, excepting as noted below.

1. Stiffer springs and shock absorbers with a different monoball mounting front and rear.
2. Longer 66mm rear wheel studs with 21mm rear spacers for 68 mm offset wheels (not
used in 1993 season).
3. Aluminum 9.5” X 17”, 68mm offset wheels in rear. (9.5” X 18” 47 mm offset, 3 piece
wheels for the 1993 season cars).
4. Aluminum 8” X 17”, 52mm offset wheels in front (same as RS America and Carrera
Cup USA rear wheel, changed to 8X18, 3 piece wheels for 1993 season)
5. Further lowering to just clear a 100mm block and changing of alignment to -2°30'
negative camber front and -2°20' negative camber rear and corner weighting. The unique
RS rear adjustment plates are flipped left to right to achieve this setting.
6. Steel lug nuts
7. Size 235/45 front tires
8. Installation of ABS defeat switch on dash as well as an ABS high pressure defeat
switch on the master cylinder, this modification allows the driver to turn off the ABS
manually at the dashboard or with very high brake pedal pressure. The American Cup
cars required a special wiring harness to do this since the wiring harness in these cars is
the standard American harness. Carrera Cup cars in Europe use the connections in the
European RS harness that are already provided.
9. Removal of brake backing plates and installation of protecting shields and boots to
protect ABS wiring from heat
10. Removal of the brake-proportioning valve.
11. Pagid racing brake pads without wear sensors
12. ABS brain moved to the alternate mount above original to protect it in a crash.
13. Straight pipes replace mufflers (catalytic converter remains).
14. Modification of air cleaner to eliminate silencing and improve airflow.
15. Removal of engine mounted heater blower and replacement with bypass pipe.
16. Dynamometer test of engine.
17. Clutch plate replaced with racing style plate.
18. Matter Roll Cage installed (a “Z” option in Europe for M003 cars).
19. Removal of fog lights and replacement with red painted aluminum plates (not
required on European car which uses the RS false fog lights).
20. Removal of both airbags and lower dash padding (not required on European car).
21. Removal of alarm and central locking system (not required on European car).
22. Towing hooks installed front and rear.
23. Removal of the front bumper alloy beam and hydraulic mounts.
24. Removal of clutch helper spring at clutch pedal.
25. Camber brace installed across front struts.
26. Driver’s side window safety net installed.
27. Clear Vinyl helicopter tape covering of headlights.
28. Wooden drivers floorboard, removal of rubber floor padding.
29. Removal of oil cooler fan, installation of duct plate to guide air to cooler.
30. MOMO steering wheel with horn and turn signal contacts removed (USA cars only).
31. Hood pins installed (USA cars only).
32. Stiffer rubber front stabilizer bushings installed.
33. Stiffer rubber steering couplings installed.
34. Exterior activation of the kill switch with a cowl mounted knob.
35. A Recaro SPG bucket seat covered in cloth for driver only.
36. Solid magnesium engine mounts and a stiffer rubber transmission mount (European
Cars only).
37. Spherical bearing drop links for rear stabilizer bar (European Cars only).
38. Rear trailing arm adjustment plates swapped side to side for more negative camber.
39. Removal of engine belly pan.

The M001 Carrera Cup cars do not have any “Carrera RS” labels on them.

The Carrera Cup racing cars weighed approximately 2520 to 2540 pounds.

Go to http://www.carreracupusa.org/ and get all information regarding these cars.

This 1992 Porsche 964 Carrera Cup USA car is finished in a Grand Prix white exterior with a black leather interior. It is powered by a six-cylinder 3600cc, air-cooled engine that produces 260 horsepower. It is equipped with hydraulically ventilated disc brakes on all four tires.

The latest installment of the 911 which was introduced in January of 1989 were internally known as the 964. The factory reported that more than 80 percent new. In the engine compartment the 3.6 liter unit had been given ceramic liners in the twin plug area. Catalytic converters were adapted but still it produced an impressive 250 horsepower. Bumpers in both the front and rear were all knew and one of its most distinguishable characteristics from the prior series. The under tray was modernized and given better aerodynamics.

he Carrera Cup USA was the rarest of the street-legal 964 derivatives. These vehicles had ten extra horsepower and a lightened flywheel. Additionally, the Carrera Cup USA had standard seats, central locking, electric windows, US-spec bumpers, air bags and door beams. A mere forty-five examples were built and the intention was for the cars to provide the basis for their own race series; all of the cars were finished in Grand Prix.

Reference Number 46080

as of 6/27/2009

Car 1992 Porsche 911 / 964 Carrera RS Carrera Cup USA (1 of 45)
VIN WP0AB2962NS420579 
Exterior / Interior Color      White /      Black 
Condition Pristine 
Mileage 540 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
Options Competition: Full Race setup
Exterior: Alloy rims
Interior: Leather interior, Leather steering wheel 
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