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Since 1971, there has perhaps been no more familiar MGTF in the world of classic MGs than that of the `Toulmin TF' of Tom Davis. Tom was part of a great motor racing dynasty that still resonates today in the world of historic racing. Tom's brother, Cliff Davis, was the mercurial star of Goodwood's heyday ? winning a succession of races in his ground-breaking Tojeiro Bristol Barchetta (LOY 500) that was to set the mould for the AC `Ace' and `Cobra'. Tom himself competed in MG T-types at Goodwood and was the owner of another famous Barchetta (LOY 501) known as the `Leonard MG' and raced in period by Stirling Moss. Tom's three sons, Grahame, Rae and Darryl followed the family tradition of motorsport and are all multiple champions ? Rae probably being the best known for his giant-killing drives at Goodwood in his diminutive Austin A35.

Whilst racing was for Tom important ? so was business. As proprietor of the world famous Toulmin Motors, he set about to create a classic MG spares business with world-wide connections. Toulmin Motors was literally a landmark destination for MG enthusiasts: Situated just behind business associates Performance Cars' Art Deco building on the A4 in Brentford (now sadly demolished) few could miss its Octagonal `MG' Clock tower towering over the then newly erected M4 flyover. Tom's depth of knowledge of pre-war MG and especially post war T-types created the ever expanding Toulmin Motors catalogue of replacement and restoration parts for these cars ? light years ahead of the on-line catalogues from the specialist remanufactured parts companies that are now so familiar today.

The `Toulmin TF' was Tom's company flagship ? ever present at MG meetings around the U.K and featured in all of the Toulmin Motors advertisements. Always immaculately presented ? resplendent with Tom's signature chrome wire wheels, Toulmin Motors Club badge and that oh, so famous registration number `FR 13' or `FRI 3' as Tom sometimes cheekily displayed it. `FR 13' was manufacture in `CKD' kit form on 19th February 1954 for despatch to Ireland. It left the U.K on 23rd of the same month, finished in factory primer coat to comply with sales regulations at the time. It was registered in Ireland on 15th September 1954 and this fact is recorded in the accompanying Continuation Log Book dated 7th October 1965. It was repatriated to the U.K in 1958 and was registered in the U.K on 2nd June 1958. `FR 13' came into Tom Davis' ownership in 1971, Tom registering the car at his Hounslow home address on 16th July of that year. It has remained in Davis family ownership since then.

Reference Number 46239

as of 6/30/2009

Car 1954 MG TF
VIN HDH / 55 / 3391 
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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