1974 MG B RoadsterSOLD
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When the MGA had been announced in 1955, it had set new standards for MG in terms of performance and styling, but by the beginning of the 1960`s it had become slightly out-dated. Sports car design had moved up a gear, particularly in terms of comfort and the prospective sports car buyer was demanding more sophistication than the MGA was able to deliver. For MG`s sake, the replacement needed to offer better performance and a greater degree of comfort. History has now shown that the new car did have these features, for it was the venerable MGB, a car which was to sell over five times the numbers of MGA. Like the Austin-Healey Sprite and later the MG Midget, the MGB was to be of unitary construction which brought a number of advantages. The design of the body was such that the individual panels when welded together, produced box-like structures of immense strength. The engine and transmission came directly from the MGA, but the B-series engine had been increased in capacity to 1789cc, which resulted in 94bhp, and a diaphragm clutch was used between the engine and transmission. As standard, the car was supplied with bolt-on steel disc wheels, similar to those of the MGA but of a slightly smaller diameter. The MGB was extremely well received by the press who were fulsome in their praise of the new car, which was capable of exceeding 100mph without any fuss. Performance handling and economy were all of a high standard for the time, which resulted in a thoroughly reliable sports car that was a joy to drive. It found a ready market, particularly in the USA. Presented in very good general condition throughout, this striking example comes with a number of sympathetic modifications including a Moto Lita steering wheel and Minilite wheels. The seats have also been re-trimmed in a good quality contrasting red leather and a boot rack has been positioned over the rear boot lid. A high-end Kenwood surround sound system complements the overall look of the car and ensures that the overall motoring experience is a good one.

Reference Number 46243

as of 6/30/2009

Car 1974 MG B Roadster
VIN GHN5330573G 
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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