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Designed in-house at MG but with final styling by Farina, the new MG MGB was launched at the 1962 Earls Court Motor Show. Its appeal was instant, offering a huge increase in interior space while having overall dimensions less than those of the MGA. Capacity was enlarged from 1,622cc to 1,798cc. via twin SU carburettors and it developed a respectable 94bhp at 5,400rpm and 1071b ft at 3,500rpm which, allied to a four speed gearbox, allowed the handsome new MG to achieve 0-60mph in 11.4 seconds and a top speed of 105mph.

Universally acclaimed, the MGB was to become a symbol of the swinging Sixties. And as with all MGs, it was soon very active in competition. After an inauspicious two car entry at Sebring in 1963, an Abingdon works car won its class and finished 12th overall at Le Mans in the same year, courtesy of Paddy Hopkirk and Alan Hutcheson. The first major change came in September 1964 - a hardtop and overdrive had become options in January 1963 when the engine was revised with five rather than three main bearings and the previously optional oil cooler became standard. At the same time outputs rose to 95bhp at 5,250rpm and the already good torque to ll0lb ft at 3,000rpm.

When the revised MGB was launched in 1974 it featured many changes but most apparent was its new impact absorbing rubber bumpers and raised ride height. At the time cruel things were written in the motoring press and the handling of the new MGB was criticised. Not for the first time, the criticism was unfair, the extra weight of the bumpers in combination with the raised ride height made the car roll more on corners, but overall the handling remained quite good in comparison with its contemporaries. With opinion divided on the aesthetic impact, the car itself was still popular with the general public.

GHD5-394480G was first bought on the 23rd July 1977 from County Garage in Barnstaple, North Devon by the previous owner. He travelled 1,500 miles in 12 months before selling it to the current owner. It has been looked after and cherished in the intervening 40 years during which time it was partially rebuilt 1991 by Beamans Bodyworks in Barnstaple with receipts on file for over ú13.000. A number of sympathetic modifications have also taken place over the years, including the addition of leather bucket seats (originals included), a sliding sunshine roof and five new chrome wire wheels. It has been regularly serviced and stored in a garage, and potential buyers should note that the distinctive registration number MG4444 is also included in the sale.

Reference Number 46249

as of 6/30/2009

Car 1977 MG B GT
VIN GHD5-394480G 
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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