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After the Second World War, the British government instilled into industry the maxim `Export or die'. This task was made difficult by the lack of raw materials such as rationed steel and more importantly, no new designs to offer, with post war production picking up where production had left off in the late 1930's. The MG Motor Car co. returned to the production of small sports cars and for those wishing a more `practical' car, they offered the MG Y-Type saloon which carried the more sporting models pedigree under a more functional saloon body. The Y had a single carburettor version of the TC engine in a box section frame with independent front suspension with coil springs and wishbones. Top speed was 70 mph but the tuning available to TC owners could also be applied to the Y. The YB was upgraded with improved brakes and a hypoid rear axle. Road holding was also improved by the introduction of smaller 15-inch (380 mm) wheels (the "Y" and the "Y/T" both had 16-inch (410 mm) wheels). The "YB" also had an anti-roll bar fitted to the front of the car and stronger shock absorbers, or dampers, were fitted. The YB soldiered on until the end of 1953 and the MG ZA Magnette was introduced in 1954.

Chassis 0414 was built in 1952 and was purchased new by Dick Jacobs, owner of the Mill Garage MG specialists. Dick competed the car successfully in a number of events, winning the Silverstone Daily Express Trophy three years in succession, in 1952, 1953 and 1954. In 1954, the rules were relaxed, allowing a brand new MG TD2 engine to be fitted directly from the factory, helping the car to achieve its third victory. Indeed, it was partially due to Dick's success in this car that the factory decided to go back into racing; with Dick himself acting as the team manager into the early 1960s. He continued to race successfully until an accident at Le Mans in the mid-Fifties left him injured and unable to race again.

This car is in absolutely unmolested original condition throughout, with its overall state of repair being described as good.

Dick's book `An MG Experience', published in 1976, devotes an entire chapter and a half to this car.

UHK 111 comes complete with a comprehensive history file filled with information spanning the last 35 years of the car's history, including many original letters from Dick himself, as well as articles from various magazines, period photographs, two original racing posters, programmes for races in which the car competed, a copy of `An MG Experience' and Dick's racing wheels. A unique piece of MG history, this car would be ideal for anyone wishing to obtain an FIA certificate to take the car to any historic events.

Reference Number 46251

as of 6/30/2009

Car 1952 MG YB
VIN YB/0414 
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
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