Tickford Drophead Coupe

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The MG WA was produced by the MG Car company between 1938 and 1939, and was at the time the largest and heaviest car the company had built. Although similar to the SA the car had a wider track at the rear allowing a larger body to be fitted.

The car used a tuned version of the six cylinder Morris QPHG engine enlarged to 2561 cc. The compression ratio was increased to 7.25 to 1 and a new balanced crankshaft was fitted. Drive was to the live rear axle via a four speed manual gearbox with synchromesh on the top three ratios and a divided propshaft. Wire wheels were fitted and the 14 inch drum brakes were hydraulically operated using a Lockheed system.

The saloon body was made in-house by Morris and was a spacious four door with traditional MG grille flanked by two large chrome plated headlights. It can be distinguished from the outwardly similar SA by the front bumper which has a dip in the centre and the spare wheel was carried on the front wing as opposed to the boot lid. Inside there were individual seats in front and a bench seat with folding centre arm rest at the rear, all with leather covering and a return was made to the traditional octagonal framed instruments.

The car we are proud to offer here today is a desirable Tickford-bodied model which was first registered in 1939.

The car has recently been subjected to a nut-and-bolt restoration by a well-known MG specialist at enormous expense, with an eye to retaining as much originality as possible whilst bringing the car up to a scrupulous standard of repair. However, some modifications have been made in order for the car to be usable in modern traffic conditions, including twin-12-volt systems in place of the standard 6-volt and a lightened flywheel. The body was fitted with a new ash frame and the chassis was comprehensively rebuilt with new strengthened springs.

The interior was also thoroughly restored, with all new leather veneers, a new hood and liner and two tailor-made toolboxes under the rear seats.

The intention of the owner who ordered the restoration was to use the car in historic touring events, which he successfully achieved, with the car taking part in an extensive Kiwi Tour of New Zealand. As such, it would be ideal for anyone wishing to take part in any similar events.

This is undoubtedly one of the finest examples of this classic model in existence, a fact which has been confirmed by no less authority than the MG Club in one of its monthly bulletins.

Included with the car are a full set of spares, including snow chains, brake drums and shoes, air filters, distributors, a new exhaust, fuel pumps, and three new Blockey tryes. Also included is a highly detailed account of the restoration project, and a historic tax disc valid until September 2009.

Reference Number 46255

as of 6/30/2009

Car 1953 MG C W A
VIN 4169 
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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