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1934 Dodge Deluxe Six

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We always like to mention how fewer Dodges there are out there compared to the other Big Three. And in the case of the pre-WWII cars, it's especially true. So, a sedan like this 1934 Dodge DeLuxe Six is a true find when it's this well presented and this affordable. A limousine style sedan like this is an international symbol of vintage luxury, and this is presented exactly how you would want it. The black paint is not some modern electric shine. Instead, it comes from an older application that has plenty of premium luster without being to boisterous. So while we know it's the product of an older restoration, the first impression it makes is that you plucked it out of a Vanderbilt or Rockefeller estate. Honestly, this American royalty impression goes beyond just the paint. The shine of the chrome bumpers, grille, and headlight bezels show there have been some great care. So does the way the body panels line up and how the suicide doors give a solid thunk as they close evenly and securely. This Dodge just feels correct, right down to the wheel covers and whitewall tires. A broadcloth interior with plenty of room means you're getting the best of true old-school luxury. Sure, Dodge wasn't producing Pierce Arrow levels of prestige, but we cannot help but think upper class when we see how nicely the button top plush seats are. Plus, the matching door panels and taught headliner really make this one a special place to log in some miles. While you could enlist a chauffeur, you would miss out on the time machine feeling of grabbing the large three-spoke steering wheel and watching the factory gauges dance as you amble on down the road. This is so honest that the air is even controlled the by the windshield crank that's reachable from the driver's seat. When you look under the hood, you get more of the originality that gives this sedan its charm. The 217 cubic-inch flathead inline six is a design that would power Mopar vehicles for years with incredible reliability. The engine bay looks very period-correct, with just the right upgrades to keep this one running right. The silver head, single-barrel carburetor, and oil bath air cleaner are all reminders of how your grandparents used to travel. The three-speed manual transmission shifts easily, highlighting a chassis that looks nicely maintained, particularly for its age. There's something special about a car like this. You'll love it for everything from parades to Sunday drives. So when it's this affordable, you know you need to act fast if you want it to be yours. Call today!!!

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Car 1934 Dodge Deluxe Six
VIN 5C5541PA 
Mileage 51,892 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift