1996 McLaren F1 GTRSOLD
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1996 McLaren F1 GTR
Chassis no. 013R

Price on request

-One of just 28 F1 GTRs built
-International racing history
-Fully documented factory roadgoing conversion
-European road registered

The importance of the McLaren F1 is not that it was, for seven years, the world’s fastest production car, nor that it remains the fastest naturally aspirated production car. Its importance comes from its unique blending of innovative design, advanced materials and exceptional adaptability and drivability. The McLaren F1 is a pure driver’s car.

It was perhaps inevitable that, although conceived as the ultimate road car, a racing version of the F1 would be requested by gentlemen drivers, so Gordon Murray and his team at McLaren set out to make the F1 suitable for the track. Thanks to the integrity of the original design, changes were surprisingly few: various cooling ducts now punctuated the bodywork, whilst a fixed rear spoiler kept the tail anchored to the ground at high speed. The interior received a roll cage and minimal trim, whilst the brakes were now carbon. Due to racing rules, the F1 GTR’s engine ran an air restrictor but still pumped out 600bhp. The result? Victory at Le Mans first time out.

The 1996 season provided the opportunity to further refine the GTR’s design. The ’96 spec GTR received extended front and rear bodywork to aid stability, the gearbox was lightened but also beefed up, and overall weight was reduced by 38kg. The ’96 GTR was the fastest of all F1 racers in straight line speed, reaching 330km/h on the Mulsanne.

Number ‘013R’ is one of two 1996 F1 GTRs supplied new to Team Goh in Japan to contend the All Japan Grand Touring Car Championship under the Team Lark banner. Driven by Naoki Hattori and Ralf Schumacher, its racing record includes three first places, contributing to victory in the 1996 championship for Team Lark: Suzuka- FIRST; Mount Fuji- Retired; Sendai- 22nd; Mount Fuji 2- Retired; Sugo- FIRST; Mine- FIRST

Into 1997, chassis ‘013R’ contested the Suzuka 1,000 Kms (9th) followed by the 1997 Le Mans 24 Hours (retired).

After its Japanese sojourn ‘013R’ passed briefly to an Australian collector before acquisition by the present owner, a German enthusiast who has owned all manner of performance cars, in 2005. He entrusted the GTR to McLaren Automotive with instructions to make it road legal in the UK. Bills for this work, totalling some £200,000, are available for inspection together with McLaren’s detailed resume of what was done. The owner specifically requested that the car’s race livery and patina be retained in view of its competition history; should the next custodian wish to reverse this, it is much less expensive to repaint a GTR than a standard road car. Equally, McLaren Automotive confirm it would not be difficult to reconvert the GTR to racing suspension if desired.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire one of the nine 1996 McLaren F1 GTRs built from a total of 28 GTRs. Combining international racing history- essential for long term collectability- with ‘drive-it-now’ usability, ‘013R’ provides the best of both worlds. Any McLaren F1 is acknowledged by experts to be the paramount supercar, but this race winning, road legal GTR offers the ultimate driving experience.

Reference Number 48294

as of 8/3/2009

Car 1996 McLaren F1 GTR
VIN 013R 
Exterior / Interior Color      White /      Black 
Configuration Central Steering 
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