1929 Sunbeam 16.9 - 18.2 hpSOLD

Original unrestored James Young Bromley Foursome coupe

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I have just taken this lovely old car in and I am really pleased as it is very rare that you come across such an original vintage car. It has had some maintenance work done on the exterior and the interior trim but it has clearly never been restored and has the sort of well used patina which is becoming harder and harder to find these days. It was initially fitted with a 16.9 hp six cylinder engine though this has been replaced many years ago with a contemporary 18.2 hp six cylinder Sunbeam engine so it has more power than it would have had when it was new. It drives really well with all mechanicals (apart from a somewhat noisy but acceptable third gear) working smoothly with no untoward rattles, bangs, squeaks or nasty smoke coming from anywhere. The James Young fabric fixed head coupe coachwork has a few small scuffs but is otherwise is quite remarkably sound and presentable and is surprisingly rattle free with the doors closing firmly without showing any drop whatsoever. The wheels are in very good refurbished condition and it has four recently fitted tyres. The radiator shell's chromium plating has worn here and there but the cooling system works well and the engine maintains a steady water temperature and good oil pressure.
In summary it is a lovely well used old car which makes you feel you could just jump in and drive it anywhere. Very much one for the enthusiast who wants a car like you used to see around many years ago but are sadly becoming fewer and further between!

Reference Number 49595

as of 8/23/2009

Car 1929 Sunbeam 16.9 - 18.2 hp
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
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See all the Images for this Car