1934 Riley 12/6 KestrelSOLD

A very attractive and rare 6 cylinder Riley sports saloon.

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Riley Kestrels are good looking cars with the earlier 4 light versions perhaps being one of the most attractive saloons made by the Coventry works. Whatever your personal preference it is hard to deny that the long bonneted 6 cylinder Kestrels are very elegant machines which make many contemporary offerings look fairly pedestrian by comparison. This particular car on chassis number 44T1705 is in lovely restored condition with very sound and smart bodywork finished in dark green and black with a superbly finished interior with new leather upholstery, new trim, new headlining and new carpets. The desireable Special Series triple carburettor twin cam six cylinder engine is smooth, pulls well and has good oil pressure. There is possibly a bit of valve gear noise however this is not particularly offensive nor does it sound like it needs urgent attention. The all helical gearbox is very quiet and easy to use, the transmission is quiet and the steering and brakes all work properly as does the one shot lubrication system. The car is a pleasure to drive with good performance combined with going where you point it and stopping when you want it to so you can bowl along at speed with confidence. Talking of speed a 1934 Light Car Magazine road test of a 12 hp 6 cylinder Kestrel (which they refer to as a Six Twelve) timed it at 76.26 mph which was pretty rapid in those days, especially for a relatively small car. This really lovely machine is very good value for money especially when you consider one of these models recently sold at auction for about ú42,500 including buyer's commission so they are very much in demand!
N.B. For those that don't already know it is worth noting that the Riley Six engine provided the basis of the power units for many successful competition cars including the Riley Brooklands, the Grebe, the TT MPHs and Sprites, the White Riley and ultimately the famous ERA cars.

Reference Number 49596

as of 12/4/2014

Car 1934 Riley 12/6 Kestrel
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
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