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1958 Beardmore Taxi In 1919 a range of cars was announced made by a subsidiary company, Beardmore Motors Ltd, based in factories in Anniesland, Coatbridge and Paisley. The smallest of the initial offerings was the 1486 cc four cylinder 11.4 with overhead camshaft (ohc) and made at Anniesland. The camshaft system proved to be unreliable and the engine was replaced by a 1656 cc side valve unit in 1919. Development work was continued on the ohc system and an engine of this type was re-introduced in 1921 of the same size and replacing the side valve one. It was increased in capacity to 1960 cc in 1924 and the car's name changed to the 12.8. This increase must have been too much as it was reduced to 1854 cc in the 12/30 which continued in production until 1925. A Sports 12 version was announced in 1924 with a guaranteed top speed of 70 mph priced at £550. A large car, the four cylinder 4072 cc Thirty was made at the Coatbridge works in small numbers in 1920. The most famous range of Beardmores was the 1924 14/40 made at Paisley where the engines for all the cars were also produced. This had a 2297 cc side valve engine with aluminium cylinder head. The engine was increased to 2391 cc in 1925 and the car redesignated the 16/40 and this was the basis for the Beardmore Taxi. In all about 500 private cars were made but taxi production was nearer 6000. Production ended in Scotland in 1929 but a London assembly plant was then opened for making Taxis in what had been the service depot. This continued in operation until 1967.

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Car 1958 Beardmore TAXI
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