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1979 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe ID# 9481S683381 Rare, not only for the limited production number of ?79? Town Coupes but really rare as it is a dual rear antenna car, and perfectly installed dual exhaust. 1978 was the last year for dual exhaust; this vehicle however is equipped with duals. 20,994 legitimate, actual and real miles. Undoubtedly one of the finest Lincolns in America, irrespective of year, or model. Unparalleled color combination of a rich cordovan metallic over a merlot leather interior and stunning jubille gold top. Not the car to be in if you don't want attention. Just driving it down here garnered more looks than one could imagine. You have to give it to Lincoln: they held out longer than any other automaker before they significantly reduced the length and weight of the so-called "full size" line. This happened with the 1979 model year for all the other manufacturers but Lincoln. This vehicle is the absolute last of the huge, bold and distinctive, (I know what it is coming at me, or going by me), automobiles Detroit built. You will not find any option, accessory or component that doesn't function perfectly, period. Every single switch, light or feature performs just as Lincoln intended. Air conditioning blows at 38 degrees at the interior vent. The 1979 Lincoln town coupe offered a ride superior to the more heralded 1979 Lincoln Mark V, no question about it. Actually, it rode better than any other car produced for 1979. You won't ever find a Lincoln with turbine wheels as gorgeous, more mint or assembly line new than are on this car. The only time anyone has been in the back seat was to clean the inside of the rear window. Have you ever seen the new "smart" car manufactured by Mercedes? Well, it can fit in the trunk of this car with the lid closed!! Before you is a masterpiece of matchless, enviable and overwhelming beauty for the model year of 1979.

Reference Number 49860

as of 8/29/2009

Car 1979 Lincoln TOWN CAR
VIN 9481S683381 
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See all the Images for this Car