1980 Porsche 930S Turbo SlantnoseSOLD

1980 PORSCHE 930S Turbo Slantnose

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This is the original Factory Prototype of the 930 S Turbo Slantnose. It was created by Porsche at the request of a German businessman in June 1980 and first registered on 23rd October 1980 at a cost of $100K. It became the first factory road going 935 lookalike. It can be found in the books written by Peter Morgan, Patrick Paternie and Bruce Anderson and others that the very first Slantnose Turbo was delivered on 16th July 1981 and only one was produced that year. This information is incorrect and has now been amended. The car started life as in the original photo, silver and with the standard 300 Hp turbo motor. The original owner Mr. Amann took the car back to the Special Wishes Dept at Zuffenhausen in 1985 and had it completely rebuilt to the specification of the later cars at a further cost of $50K. This included engine rebuild and various other mods to gain the extra 30Hp, colour was changed to 717. This colour was never an option for the 911 and only used on 944/924 models. The original front spoiler with the quad lighting system as in the photo was replaced with a more streamlined 935 type. I believe this was sourced from DP Motorsport. (The original hand made spoiler is present and sold with the car). A new set of optional BBS 3 Pce Magnesium alloys were also fitted. In recognition of this work done by the men at Zuffenhausen a special Porsche crested plaque was placed on the glove box with the code G.S.A-0/13/31. The first three letters are that of the original owner ie: Gerhard Siegfried Amann the 0/13/31 were Mr. Amann?s lucky numbers in the pursuit of his other passion ? Roulette! Also present is a letter from the German government authorizing the change of the rear bumpers and Reg plate to that of the American cars (Bigger bumpers and a different shaped reg plate). This car has remained accident free and is today in exceptional condition. This car is also an important piece of Porsche motoring history and development, not only being the first slantnose produced but also the first car created under the then newly established ?Special Wishes? program.

Reference Number 49873

as of 8/29/2009

Car 1980 Porsche 930S Turbo Slantnose
VIN WPO222932ZBS000136 
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