1965 Elva Mclaren MK1 Sport Prototype USRRC and SCCA 
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Elv McLAREN M1A, SN 20-07

Huge documentation from 1965, more than 250 pages

Dick Macon Email

Picture 1: This is the Traco engine, originally an aluminum Buick/Oldsmobile V8, sitting on the box it came in from California. We paid Traco $4500 for the engine. Note the wet sump oil pan underneath, of course it had trap doors inside in an attempt to keep the oil near the pickup. Attached to it is the aluminum case of the Hewland gearbox. We started with the “little” Hewland which really wasn’t up to the job.

Picture 2: This is myself and Roy Gane. Roy had worked for Roger Penske and in fact was the guy who built his center seat sports car from (I believe) a Cooper F1 car. We paid $12,500 for the McLaren chassis w/ a small Hewland.

Picture 3: Obviously the back of the car with the gearbox in place.

Picture 4: View showing engine area. The battery box is in lower left. Note the trailing links of the rear suspension. At the Mid-Ohio USRRC race, I was lying fourth preparing to pass the Canadian Champion is a Chevrolet powered version of the same car for third when the right lower trailing link mounting point pulled out of the frame tube. I was going through the high speed kink just past the pits when it went and it was fairly exciting for a few seconds.

Picture 5: Another picture of the rear of the car. I took the magnesium (?) rear hub carrier castings to be x-rayed before we raced the car. There were no discontinuities or cracks.

Picture 6: At Leguna Seca going past the pits. This is before we increased the size of the rear spoiler (air dam). The little Hewland exploded under acceleration in the second heat. I still finished 11th or so overall.

Picture 7: Leguna Seca.

Picture 8: Leguna Seca, lapping slower cars.

Picture 9: Same.

Picture 10: Same

Picture 11: The car when it was brand new at our shop in Mobile, AL. In the picture are myself, Roy Gane and John Riley.

Picture 12: Same.

Picture 13: Same.

Picture 14: Same

Picture 15: Same. I had started a sports car repair business in order to make the expense of racing the McLaren tax deductible (for business publicity purposes of course).

Picture 16: Same.

Picture 17: Same. Later we added a diverter in front of the air exit for the radiator. It caused the car to not be so light on the front end on the 1.1 mile straightaway and dropped the engine coolant temperature considerably.

Picture 18: Obviously after #17. Note the air diverter is in place and the new paint scheme. The circles and headlight covers were white and the center stripe pale blue.

Picture 19: Top view of the Traco V8.

Picture 20: Same as #18.

Picture 21: Ad for the car by the Auto Toy Store in Miami. This was after the car was restored by Bill Moir.

Picture 22: Part of ad of #21.

Picture 23: Turn nine at Riverside. First race with the big Hewland which transformed the car. I wished I had been smart enough to get the big Hewland at the beginning. I was considerably faster because I could shift more quickly and didn’t have to baby the gearbox. Someone I did not know came to me after the race and, looking at a sheet of paper, told me I had gone through the traps at 186mph just before turn 9. You can also see the very large air dam we added to rear of the car.

Picture 24: I had to do the Consolation race to qualify and finished second behind Roger McClusky, an Indy driver. I was just trying to take it easy on the car and learn the course. I am sending you a commercial VHS video tape of the race which I hope you have the means to play. The only place your car is seen is during the consolation race.

Picture 25: Taken at the Riverside driver’s meeting. The nobody over Graham’s shoulder is me. Clark and Hill were regular guys but (no offense intended) Jackie was an ass. The laugh was about Clark’s comment that all those with the big Hewlands wanted a standing start while all those with small Hewlands wanted a rolling start. In the pits I had talked to Bruce McLaren. I recall his saying he thought my lap times were good for someone who was at Riverside for the first time (???).


FYI: I raced the car the following places in the following order.

Courtland, AL, Regional SCCA Race for familiarization. Raced closely with Buck Fulp who was in a rear engine car with a big block Chevrolet engine. I won a close race.

Pacific Raceways USRRC, Kent, Washington. First time in the big time, did not do well. Spun the car and retired.

Mansfield, Ohio USRRC. Ran very well but rear suspension failure while running fourth.

Leguna Seca USRRC. Gearbox failure. Installed large Hewland, see story below.

Riverside USRRC. Finished sixth.

Las Vegas, NV, Stardust Grand Prix. Qualified 13th. The engine exploded on the back straight at well over 100mph.


The Gearbox

When Carl Haas (who I had known for some time through other people in Chicago) and I made the deal on the McLaren M1A he was to deliver it to Mobile, AL. When the car came in to the Chicago airport he told me he couldn’t deliver it and asked me to come pick it up. I told him OK but he owed me a favor in the future to which he agreed.

Whenever you tried to phone Carl, his mother usually answered. She was very aggressive in getting the caller’s phone number and everything else. She was tough.

After Leguna Seca, where the little gearbox exploded, I called Carl and told him I needed the big Hewland. He said Charlie Hayes had one that belonged to him and the price was $2000. I told him I didn’t have it but would pay him after the season. He thought this a ludicrous notion and it turned out it was but I invoked the favor he owed me and he agreed. I went and got the gearbox from Charlie Hayes, who was very unhappy to give up “his” spare.

I never did pay Carl for the gearbox. I rationalized this by thinking that the car should have come with the large Hewland gearbox. The small Hewland gearbox really had no chance against the big displacement engines.

Prior to the McLaren I had raced an Austin Healey 100S, Lotus XI (won class at Nassau Speed Weeks 1959 and 1960), Cooper Monaco and Lotus 23.

Dick Macon  1964  
Ray Stacey 1966  
Barry Goldstein 1978  
Bill Moir 1980
Don Cloyd 1984
Jack Goffette 1992
Bill Cotter 1999
John Bladon 2003
David Jacobs.
STOP 2017

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Car 1965 Elva Mclaren MK1 Sport Prototype USRRC and SCCA
Exterior / Interior Color      Red 
Condition Very Good 
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
Options Competition: Racing Seats, Rollcage 
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