1994 Audi RS2 Avant PorscheSOLD

awesome in its launch color, preservative restoration, just serviced

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Audi-Porsche RS2 completed the 22nd June 1994 into the Zuffenhausen Porsche plant in the color combination proper of the launch model: RS blue with black leather "nappa" interior. Sold new in Germany where it was used until 2010 when it came to Italy.

Complete of all its original details, no crashes or damages; we just completed a preservative restoration of interior and exterior. Mechanical serviced and overhauled in many components (suspensions, brakes, electrical and turbo system, interior, head gasket and cooling system), Dunlop tires just changed (as original specs).

These are the options of our RS2:
- automatic air conditioning system;
- radio system "Gamma CC" with roof antenna;
- driver and passenger airbag;
- sales program Germany;
- rear head rests;
- black roof railing (removed by the previous owners);
- through-load;
- seat electrically heated;
- anti-theft alarm system with mobilizer.

The car comes with historic document by ASI (Automoto club Storico Italiano) and with Certificate of Authenticity by Audi with the date of production (it will turn 25 years in June 2019); it could be seen in Bologna by appointment. On our website the video test by OmniAuto.it.

It is, and probably it will remain the one and only Audi-Porsche ever produced, a unique experiment. It should have been the last version of the Audi 80 but it became the super performing sedan's landmark.

It would have been the general test to show to the world the potential of Volkswagen-Audi, merged with Porsche, merging the excellent "quattro" traction system with the motorsport experience of Porsche. Its name came from the RS of Porsche and the S2 of Audi.

Starting from the RS2, a new range of model was born, still successful after more than 20 years among sports cars enthusiasts.

It had been produced in 2908 samples positioned over the sporty S2 model, but just with the station wagon body. It had been the first in this category; until then, the "pimped" family cars were just sedans: Opel-Lotus Omega, Lancia Thema Ferrari, BMW M3 and M5 and Mercedes 500E (developed by Porsche).
The RS2 was produced on the same production chain of the Mercedes 500E, previously used for the giant Porsche 959.
Those were very difficult years for the company from Stuttgart and that cooperation with Audi was "oxygen" for its finances.

Despite from other projects that car makers entrusted to Porsche but remained secret for privacy, the RS2 was a joint-venture between Audi and Porsche, as for the Volkswagen-Porsche 914. In fact, the RS2 is branded "ARGE Audi-Porsche". We can say that before Cayenne, Panamera and Macan, the first Porsche for the family was the RS2.

The result is a car that merges the best qualities of the two companies: a tremendous 5 cylinders in line roaring as the Audi Quattro Group B driven by Michèle Mouton mixed with handling and brakes typically Porsche.

Reference Number 503565

as of 1/2/2019

Car 1994 Audi RS2 Avant Porsche
Exterior / Interior Color      Blue RS Blue /      Black  
Condition Very Good 
Mileage 131.000 km 
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