1965 TVR Grantura MkIII Race Car 

HTP papers

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The TVR Grantura was the first model in a long line of TVR cars and debuted in 1958.  The cars went through a series of developments up to the Mark IV and 1800S models, the last ones being made in 1967.
These coupés were hand-built at the TVR factory in Blackpool, with varying mechanical specifications, and could also be purchased in kit form by the enthusiast.
The first of the Granturas used a fibreglass body moulded to a tubular steel backbone chassis and VW Beetle-based front and rear suspension.  The car was designed around a 1,098 cc Coventry Climax type FWA engine but many different makes were fitted from 1,172 cc Ford side valve to the 1600 cc BMC from the MGA.  These cars ran at Le Mans in period, and many today are the most competitive of FIA race cars- such as the car on offer today.
Believed to be the original chassis and body of a factory car used in the 1965 Blackpool promenade sprints before being registered for the road and sold in 1966, this race prepared MKIII is now fitted with a newly rebuilt MASS racing 1840 MGB engine. The car is fitted with a 7 port aluminium crossflow head and twin 40 Webers producing around 172 BHP at the flywheel, with recent rolling road figures to prove.
The gearbox is a close ratio 4 speed box with a Gripper LSD differential and oil cooler for endurance racing. The current vendor has bills amounting to circa £28,000 recently spent on the engine, gearbox and rear end modifications. Prior to the current vendor the car has a full engine rebuild in 2012 by MASS Developments at at a cost of £10,341 and there are two bills from Nigel Reuben Racing totalling a further £10,513 for the new differential and rear end set up.
The car has HTP papers for historic racing and was used in endurance races at Spa and Nurburgring by the cars previous owner.View 1965 TVR Grantura MKIII Race Car For Sale on Coys.co.uk for further details.

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Car 1965 TVR Grantura MkIII Race Car
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