1966 ASA 1000 GT One-off Vetroresina prototype140.000 EUR - Asking Price

One-off Vetroresina berlinetta : works race car or prototype

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Discovered in the USA, this berlinetta ASA is the only one known with glassfibre bodywork.
It could be the Targa Florio 1966 race car, but possibly also special prototype "411 Vetroresina". Anyway, this car is unique. Almost complete and well preserved, she needs a restoration, and more History research so as to confirm her mysterious identity.

For any Collector, retracing the History of an unknown car is an exciting task, especially for a Ferrari-designed berlinetta !

There is no certainty about the orign of this unique Vetroresina (glassfibre) ASA : she could be the race car raced by Giorgio Pianta at the Targa Florio '66 as mentioned in Franco Varisco's book, or a prototype for a Vetroresina model.

As we know, all ASA berlinetta are steel-bodied, except the late 411 (4 built) with aluminum bodywork. Only the ASA spider, of which a dozen were built, did have a glassfibre body. So our Vetroresina ASA berlinetta is indeed a very intriguing car.

In 1966, ASA entered 3 cars at the Targa-Florio: one was a 1000 GT with 1800 cc engine. Historian F. Varisco describes this car as follows: “the ASA 1000GT driven by Pianta and Moretti [was] fitted with a plastic bodywork and a new 1800 cc engine”. This is the only mention of a Vetroresina ASA berlinetta, hence the unique character of the car that we offer. Is she the Targa-Florio race car (retrofitted with standard 1-litre engine) or a one-off prototype for a vetroresina berlinetta ?

The Targa-Florio race car retired after a crash, not too severe though (see pictures). No records exist after the race but it was clearly not damaged to the point of being wrecked. What happened then ? It is probable that the Targa-Florio car was retro-fitted with a standard engine, and once the bodywork was repaired, sold to a client.

To support this hypothesis, our car has actually the same rare reclined headlights (found only on the rare 411 model), and bears the last S/N known: #01302, which suggests that the car would be the last sold, maybe just before the Company closed, to pay the last bills.

Some historians think that the 1800cc Targa Florio car was not in glassfibre but in aluminum. In that case, our car would be a production prototype Vetroresina - in other words an absolutely unique ASA-Ferrari.

Since there is no official record to définitely confirm the case, which hypothesis is true ? It would be extremely exciting to do more research so as to find additional documents about the history of this very unique ASA-Ferrari.

The car needs a restoration, but appears to be healthy, well-preserved and complete. Bodywork is very good, as well as glasswork, and aluminum frames around the windows. Chassis doesn' look damaged, and engine appears to be complete, not seized, with Weber carburetors looking in good condition, exhaust, and original gearbox/transmission. The spare wheel is still in the rear boot.

A unique opportunity to own a one-off, the one and only ASA-Ferrari berlinetta with Vetroresina bodywork.

Reference Number 509896

as of 2/17/2018

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Car 1966 ASA 1000 GT One-off Vetroresina prototype
Small Series  1 of 1 
Exterior / Interior Color      Yellow /      Black 
Condition Restorable 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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