1927 Amilcar CGSSSOLD
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Registered for the first time in England on 07/14/1927 with the original black plate PP 8794 and Chassis n░19317, four cilinders engine 1,046 n░41573; three gears.
FIVA ID card n 025060.

Here is an exceptional pre-war sportscar, a wonderful and rare cycle-car in a stunning and original condition of body, engine, instruments and interior; a piece of motoring history for gentlemen drivers committed to real vintage motor sport! It's a 1927 Amilcar CGSS, representing a non famous brand of competition "voiturettes" in the world of BNC, Rally, Salmson, Derby and the more known Bugattis, that were racing at the beginning of the century. This peculiar "Carrosserie Grand Sport" is made in the "surbaisseŔ" shape which give to the car a challenging look and a very smart profile. Our example is a funny rarity; it was registered in England on July 14, 1927 and it still retains the original black plate "PP8794", which was used by various racing drivers until the end of fifties. This pretty item was driven in the hardest tracks as Silverstone, Thruxton and Oulton Park, and in the very famous Prescott Speed Hill Climb. In January 1975, Automobile Quarterly published a very nice portrait of our car in the special issue dedicated to this French Factory; the car was exactly as we present it today in its original pale blue livery, with dark red chassis and wheels. What else do we have to add? First of all, this car is normally invited to the most exclusive meetings of important pre-war cars all over Europe, where the actual owner can show its originality and historic documents, then, You too could consider to enter our CGSS to retrospective races as the Italian Mille Miglia, that was really performed by this car in the 1927 and 1928 editions. Price of the car is not a mystery, but we're going to tell it only to the brave drivers coming to us to try drive this fantastic "three gear" French bolide!

Reference Number 5107

as of 11/23/2006

Car 1927 Amilcar CGSS
VIN 19317 
Exterior / Interior Color      Light Blue /      Red 
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
Options Exterior: Wire wheels
Interior: Leather interior 
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