1969 AC "289" Shelby Cobra 


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100 points Concours restored by Mike McCluskey, L.A., USA.

Reference Number 514894

as of 2/23/2018



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Car 1969 AC "289" Shelby Cobra
Exterior / Interior Color      Black /      Black 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
Options Interior: Leather interior 
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Known History

After a thorough research, involving the Shelby American Automobile Club archives, the Shelby Cobra Registry, and also based on information from Lynn Park (the Cobra Expert in La Canada, CA), the renowned Shelby Cobra restorer Mike McCluskey Ltd. (Torrance, CA.), and from the last before current owner, Tim Violé, the history of CSX 2484 can be confirmed as this:

From the Shelby Cobra Registry:

„1964 Shelby 289 Cobra, red/ black interior. Billed to Shelby American 06/23/64; shipped to LA 7/2 aboard the „SS Pacific Fortune“. 2484 was invoiced on 8/18/64 to Ray Hunt Ford (Daytona Beach, FL): Text: ´Cobra-Ford, chassis CSX #2484, red/ black“. ($ 5,195.00); with Belanger headers, „non-dump“ ($116,46); competition heads ($325.00), chrome exhaust tips ($3.50); wind wings ($16.00); a heater ($66.50); 5 chrome wheels ($105.00); dual 4V carburators and manifold ($194.50); a large oil pan ($85.00); antifreeze ($3.55); and freight ($295.00); for a total of $6,405,51´. It was shipped to FL on a Shelby American transporter.“

David L. McMahon (Pompona Beach, FL) purchased the car and a dash plaque was provided to him by Ray Hunt Ford.


The Cobra was used regularly in local speed events. McMahan traded it to a dealership in Daytona Beach in late ´66. That december, 2484 was purchased by

Jeff Carlin (Daytona Beach, FL). UNfortunately, Carlin and his wife were involved in a serious accident with it on the Merritt Island, FL causeway on 31/12/66 (resulting in damage oft he rear section and front right fender). The car was written off as a total loss. Having owned the car for barely a week and finding himself without appropriate insurance cover, Carlin retained the car and its title from the Insurance Company. He finally agreed to sell the car to

Mark Garrish (WI) in late ´67. Garrish had a restoration shop back East. He stored the car for nearly 20years and did not commence a restoration due to lack of funding.

Tim Violé had realized that the damaged car´s chassis was straight and only some sub-structures had to be replaced (rear section and front right fender sub-structures). He had Garrish repair the chassis and install the fixed tubing fort he damaged sub-structure. The body and all relevant super-structure were also attended to, and altered to a more attractive FIA-style body.

The repaired chassis with body, its original engine (!) with transmission & differential, suspension and interior were shipped out to Violé a year later after the purchase.

It sat in Violé’s warehouse for nearly 30 years, where Violé was thinking of finishing the restoration by himself and his kids. Mike McCluskey was called in to access the project in 20085 and do a complete redo on the project, due tot he poor craftsmanship-condition oft he body and tubing work.

Violé didn´t want to spend the money on the project at that time. So he then contacted Lynn Park to help him sell the car and all original parts.

André Ahrlé (L.A. and Monte Carlo, Monaco) then purchased CSX 2484 with the old Calif. Titlte from Violé in 2011. Tim Violé passed away in 2015.

After a thorough inspection of all parts, the body/ chassis assy. Was sent up to Cobra superstructure- and body-specialist, Andrew Serb (Concorde, CA) for a complete overwork that same year (all major parts oft he orig. body were used, some parts like rt. Front fender, radiator opening, partly rear clip, door skins, bonet and trunk lid had tob e replaced due to incorrect or beyond-repair condition). McCluskey Ltd. then finished the project as a complete, ready to race Cobra to correct FIA standards in 2015. It obtained its original ´matching numbers´engine, with the very rare correct 1964 Weber-´Bologna´“Downdraft“ carburators for better performance, and its original differential with 373 ratio. Onöly genuiine, period correct Cobra parts were used in the most detailed restoration. The entire restoration is documented in a history file with hundreds of photos.

CSX 2484 was firstly presented to the public in AUG 2015, – just fresh after restoration, at the Monterey Historics/ Pebble Beach, Monterey Peninsula/ CA. It raced successfully with ist current owner in Group 5, finishing as high as second place in the final heat.

The vehicle is free from any liens or encumbrances, it is not subject to any finance, or higher purchase agreements which would affect a sale in any possible way. CSX 2484 in the meantime was titled correctly in the name of the current owner will be prepared to issue a notarized acknowledgement, stating that the above history on CSX 2484 is correct and in accordance with all available sources and methods to prove its originality and historical significance.