1944 Willys MB JeepSOLD

1944 Willys MB Jeep

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Registration No: Q671GRJ Engine No: MB347491 CC: 1500 Colour: Green Trim Colour: Green MOT: None

Reference Number 52394

as of 9/29/2009

Car 1944 Willys MB Jeep
VIN MB295112 
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Known History

Workhorse of the US and Allied forces during WW2 and kept in service all around the world for decades afterwards, the Willys `Jeep' is an institution. Born out of the American Quartermaster Corps' 1940 invitation to submit a prototype go-anywhere four-wheel drive light reconnaissance vehicle which led to a three-way competition between Bantam, Willys-Overland and Ford, the winning design's simple but effective chassis, ingenious transmission, rugged suspension and flathead Go-Devil 60hp 2.2-litre `four' proved invaluable for hauling troops out of trouble. While, this self same combination ensures that the indomitable Jeep remains great fun to drive today. About 650,000 MB types were built between 1941 and 1945, by Willys and (in greater numbers) by Ford, and manufacture continued under licence in the '50s and '60s by Hotchkiss for the French army. Finding a Jeep still retaining all its original components is rare because after WW2, many Jeeps were rebuilt on a `mix and match' basis, meaning it is common to find components from all three makers combined in one vehicle.


Genuine wartime-produced Jeeps are the most valuable and this particular example appears more original than most, still bearing its Willys body and maker's plate along with a Willys-branded cylinder head, meaning the rest of the motor and chassis could conceivably be original too (albeit that some of the instruments are later replacements). The Jeep was first registered in the UK in 1990 and has been part of a private collection since 1996; more lately, it was recommissioned at a cost of £3,600 in 2004. Though there are a few welded repairs to the original body tub, this Jeep started readily upon inspection and has a pleasingly used patina, still correctly equipped with its Jerrican, spade and axe, canvas seats which are in good shape and a canvas tilt top that is now showing a few rips and tears. Perfect for Goodwood, picnic trips or just to enjoy around the country lanes, this appealing MB affectionately known as `Charlie' has character aplenty.