1968 Ferrari Dino 206 GTSOLD

The Sports Car Auction, Nuremberg Germany, Saturday 9th December 2006

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Estimate: €110,000-135,000

Sold: €85,000

Dino, Enzo Ferrari's son, sadly died in 1956 whilst still a youth. However, he will be remembered, his name being lent to a series of exquisite and successful road and race cars. Indeed it was he that persuaded his father as to the benefits of a V6 engine configuration in a high performance car.
A series of three different types of V6 Dino engine were designed. The last, a 65¡ DOHC V6 achieving 218 b.h.p. at an astonishing 9000 r.p.m., was designed by two brilliant engineers, Mauro Forghieri and Franco Rocchi. This unit powered the successful 206S sports racing car in the 1966 racing season, the engine and chassis of this car forming the base for the 206GT.

The final prototype body of the 206 was first displayed by Pininfarina at the Turin Motorshow in 1967. Reaction to this stunning small mid-engined car removed any doubt Ferrari may have had about production.

Thus the 206GT was born, a perfect combination; the engine and chassis of a thoroughbred racing car with a classically beautiful, yet aggressive, all aluminium body.

This 206GT is an extremely rare car, with only 150 being produced with just a handful leaving the European continent. It was left to the later, much more numerous and far less desirable 246 model to popularise the Dino name. 0380GT left the Maranello production line in 1968. The curvaceous aluminium body is finished in red and is reported to be in good original condition. The black interior is in good order and the six cylinder engine is on the button. Without doubt this rare and important Ferrari would make a fine addition to any serious collection.

Reference Number 5298

as of 12/8/2006

Car 1968 Ferrari Dino 206 GT
VIN 0380GT 
Exterior / Interior Color      Red /      Black 
Registration German Registered