1959 Triumph TR3 ASOLD

The Sports Car Auction, Nuremberg Germany, Saturday 9th December 2006

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Estimate: €29,000-33,000

Sold: €28,000

When it launched the TR2 in March 1953, Triumph was on to a winning formula. Simple and rugged yet with good and reliable performance at an affordable price, the TR2 was everyone's ideal sports car. Its robust steel chassis featured independent front suspension with a live rear axle and all round drum brakes, while power came from a modified Standard Vanguard engine. Producing 90bhp at 4,800rpm, the 1,991cc four cylinder unit could propel the TR2 to a top speed of 103mph.
In October 1955 the TR2 was replaced by the TR3, essentially the same car but now with 95bhp courtesy of larger SU carburettors and inlet ports; visually it differed in having an egg box grille, stainless steel strips along body panel joins and the option of an occasional rear seat. The only mechanical change occurred between late 1955 and mid-1956 when the 'high-port' cylinder head was fitted, raising power to 100bhp at 5,000rpm. In Autumn 1956 the adoption of front disc brakes made the TR3 the first ever British series production car to have these fitted as standard; at the same time the rear drum brakes were enlarged and a stronger rear axle was introduced with taper roller bearings.

The final model change came in Summer 1957 with the TR3A. Mechanically identical to the TR3, it differed visually in having a full width grille, slightly recessed headlamps, exterior door handles and a lockable boot handle; in 1959, however, split disc brake calipers were introduced together with smaller diameter rear drums. Production of the popular TR3A finally ended in 1961.

One of the finest restored examples of the TR3a that we offered for sale for some considerable time. Immaculately finished in the most appropriate shade of British racing green with the classic black interior piped in white and sitting on an immaculate set of chrome wire wheels. Accompanying the car is the appropriate documentation relating to the cars comprehensive rebuild which is so obviously apparent on inspection. One of the most popular and well loved British sports cars from that golden era of the late 1950's the Triumph TR3 was sold the world over and its inherent strength of its design and construction has long been the reason as to why these exiting two seaters have always been so popular. Offered with German road registration and sundry restoration details.

Reference Number 5327

as of 12/8/2006

Car 1959 Triumph TR3 A
Registration German registered